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Happy ONE YEAR Birthday, Carter!!!

At Carter’s 1st birthday party over this weekend



I think technically he is meant to be a ‘toddler’ by now, but I am still referring to him as my ‘baby’ because he is. So there!

Remember him like this, fresh into this world, a year ago?

Does this even look like Carter?!!?


We celebrated his 1st birthday party on Saturday and had a blast! I hope all our little superhero guests and their super daddies and mummies did too! More on that in my next blog entry….

My baby wombat is deep deep deeeeeeppppp in the throes of separation anxiety. This means that he will allow only these people to carry him for extended periods of time… in order of preference:

  1. My Dad – his #1 playmate
  2. Myself – Chris likes to point out it’s my boobs he’s after and not reaaalllyyy me. Hrmph.
  3. Chris – a kinda distant third, but at least he makes Carter’s circle of trust, LOL.

I am both frustrated because I simply can’t hand him over to a friend if I’m out, but also very pleased that he clings to me (it feels AWESOME!! Hunter had zero separation anxiety so I feel ultra-loved by Carter). 

Carter’s perfect scenario – carried by my Dad, with Chris and I within (close) view.


He has quite the temper, for a baby. Knows exactly what he wants and will NOT be satisfied until you please him. Very different from Hunter who was very placid and ‘go with the flow’. We always marvel at how we can produce two children that are oh-so-different in personalities.

But, he’s very quick, very sharp, very alert, super eager to learn, and takes great delight in everything. His favourite activity is to point at his object/person of interest and *squealing* til we tell him the name. It’s like he just drinks in information.. wanting to know about everything and anything in his world. It actually gets fairly tiring because I have to explain every. single. thing. we come across… and sometimes all I wanna say is “Errrmm… nevermind about that. Just be quiet!”

He’ll also scream and make a ton of noise just to get what he wants. See what I mean below??





Whilst Hunter was totally poo potty-trained by this age, Carter will poo in the potty.. but is just as happy doing it in his diaper. D’oh.

Getting his poopy face on


  • EATING – Super greedy pig. Considering he’s still on zero teeth at 1 year old (!). He now eats directly off our plates at lunchtime. And basically anytime I eat and he’s around watching me. Isn’t very amused with his baby puree anymore but at least he’s still a fan of all the usual healthy foods (ie. Hunter’s favourite/standard foods) alongside the junkier foods. Basically wants to (and does) eat like a normal adult. It’s no wonder why he’s totally GIGANTIC for a 1 year old! 
    I now breastfeed him once a day, when he wakes up in the morning. Yes, we are both hanginggggg on to that last breastfeed! I love the bond we have and the blissful look on his face is priceless.
    Thus, now he eats solids 3x a day, breastfeeds 1x a day and drinks 210ml of milk 3x a day.
Hunter and Carter’s ‘standard’ food.. ready to be steamed up


That lil porky hand in the bottom photo? Yeah, that hand zipped right up and grabbed a fry, then stuffed it into his mouth… all in the blink of an eye. And so, Carter’s had his first french fry! Did he like it? So-so.


  • SLEEPING – We did something dramatic….. we moved Carter into Hunter’s room!! That has always been our goal but we’ve been too scared to do it until recently. And now we’re wondering why we didn’t do it earlier, because it’s worked out so well!! Both of them just go to bed together with zero issues, and wake up together and chat/play in bed. It’s super cute.
    The only thing I don’t like about Carter’s sleep is that he can wake anything between 0-3 times a night. For absolutely no reason. If we get up and go into the room, he’ll see that we’re there, drop back down onto his side, and fall asleep dead to the world. All in maybe 2 seconds. But of course, we’ve already gotten out of bed and walked into his room, so WE’RE up! Arggghhh!! I hope he stops this nonsensical behavour asap.
    He’s finally down to 2 naps a day, ranging from 30-60mins each. No issues with these.
Chilling out in his car seat, about to nap


Bedtime story

Kisses before bed

  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – We were a little late to the game and finally let him use a walker recently. Not sure why we didn’t do it before, because he loves it and quickly learned how to maneuver himself – so now he zooms around the home, around corners and in and out of rooms with GLEE! He hasn’t walked by himself yet, but will walk holding on to our hand with one of his hands. He is an epic climber, though, and loves to get himself into trouble!
    Loves to point at everything in sight to ask for its name, will turn pages of a book (and loves to flip to particular pages he likes), and will give high fives and blow kisses.
Little cruiser


No obstacle can get in my way!


Play gyms. Carter’s idea of heaven.


Yes, Carter is indulged with loads of play gym visits.. because he really is in his element in them!


Moooaaarrrr play gyms!

Kids extraordinarily pleased with balloons

Hunter’s scooter? No worries, Carter’ll have a go too!


To give you an idea of how active this guy is.. I went into the kitchen just quickly. Came back out and discovered he’d cruised across the room, climbed up onto the rocking horse, and was ‘riding’ it toward the kitchen to me. All by himself!


“Look mama, I found a xylophone!”

  • SPEECH DEVELOPMENT – No new words learned, just kinda stalled on his three words 😉 (previously spoken words: dada, mama, there). He understands a lot about what we say though, and can take direction “go here” “go there” and look for objects that we’ve asked him to get “Where’s giraffe?” etc.


Hunter’s been pretty naughty with Carter this month, which has been stressing me. Now that Carter is upright and extremely vocal, Hunter’s starting to view him more as a proper person that  can steal his thunder. And Carter FIGHTS BACK! He will shout and slap Hunter right back.. and then it’s just downhill from there. Argh. Hope this phase passes real quickly.

They are otherwise lovely together and are sooooo happy to see each other again if they’ve been apart.



HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, my baby wombat!!

You bring us such joy, with all your crazy giggles and bright smiles. You are so clingy and I secretly love it, because I know it won’t last. You are so precious, so loved, so absolutely adored!!

Little Harry Potter


Having a splash and giggle


I simply cannot resist those eyes and that face.. (and yes, I do have sneaky noms on his cheeks!)


Compare with Hunter at Month 11-12 here.




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Thanks Angie!

For Hunter, he just disliked the feeling of poo in his diaper since he was 10 months old, so he’d just do it once we took the diaper off and popped him on the potty. Carter is pretty much perfectly happy with poo in his diaper though 😉 But if I see his “poo face” when we’re at home, I’ll pop him on the potty too and he’ll do a poo in there! just gotta be quick…

Happy Birthday, Carter! I love how you call him baby wombat! He’s sooo adorable!

Hi Beverly, Carter is simply adorable! Wow, you potty trained them both? Would you mind sharing some tips with me? I have a 13 month old son and would love to get him potty trained too.

Hunter pretty much potty-trained himself so it’s hard to say! I just read his cues (he made them very obvious) and he also liked the ‘clean’ feeling I guess.

Carter is not potty trained at all 😛 He’ll poo in his potty if we’re home but that’s about it!

Hellow Beverly, wheres the play gym that offers “baby” trolley? My sons love pushin it ard… Thought of checking it out!

Happy birthday Carter! Time really flies, been reading your blog probably just when he was born during my early pregnancy. And he’s now a year old already wow! Am hoping you could share your breastfeeding journey too. 😉

Awww yeah, crazy a whole year has passed! And yours will be one soon tooAwww yeah, crazy a whole year has passed! And yours will be one soon too I presume?: ) I presume? 🙂

Keke my baby will be 3 months next week. Still got lots to learn as a new mommy! Love reading your blog and see the interesting updates of Hunter and Carter. Keep them coming! 😉

Happy Birthing Day, lovely mama! Carter has the same laugh as Lexi and kisses the same way as well. AND, at 15 months, Lexi only has two-and-a-half teeth. She didn’t have any for the longest time. Still manages to nom her food pretty well. She is also a very LOUD and dramatic child. 🙂

Thank you Rasee! Aww so cute that Lexi is similar, hopefully they can meet soon.. I only met her when she was in your belly 😉