Hunter, Hunter's progress HUNTER: MONTH 11-12 PROGRESS 25 January 2012

Happy 1 YEAR Birthday, Hunter!

At Hunter's 1st birthday party



A year ago, we were staring at our newborn baby.. soaking in all 4.2+KG and 54cm of him. Utterly amazed that we had created a whole new living, breathing human. Remember him when he was this little?

Our newborn


I don’t!

How time flies. And oh how our lives have changed. I can’t quite remember what life was like when I wasn’t a mother. It suddenly feels like I’m living for something now, and he truly brings such joy into our lives… even when he drives us up the wall at times 😉

He changed dramatically in the past 1-2 months.. so much so that I kind of lost track of all his ‘new’ developments. I’m amazed at how ~1 year old babies are like mini adults – understanding what you say, following simple instructions, etc etc. It makes it SO MUCH more fun than the baby stage when they pretty much lie there and do… not much at all.

Most of all, he showers us with huge happy sloppy grins.. that have the power to melt my heart. Like this:

His grin can make my entire day


  • Eating – He eats solids at 8:30AM, 11:30AM, and 5:30PM… and has milk at 7:30AM, 3:00PM, 7:00PM. This schedule works really well so we’re sticking with it. He’s not the world’s most eager eater though, and unless it’s his favourite foods.. he’ll need a lot of talking to and cajoling to finish his portion. Fortunately, he loves steamed fish, avocado, tofu and bananas. So thankfully he likes healthy food! We’re also starting to have dinner together – as in I cook up food that is baby-safe (ie. low salt/oil) and so he can have the same food, which he really likes.
    I am down to…… believe it or not….. breastfeeding once every 2 days. Yeah, I’m that Mum that can’t seem to let go of breastfeeding and am clinging on desperately to it. Soon I will document my entire breastfeeding journey.. but that is an entire (and long) blog post in itself. All I will say is it is a HUGE emotional rollercoaster weaning your child, far more than I’d ever imagined. Will write more about that at some point in the future.
    He’s now fully potty-trained for poop. He simply won’t poo in his diaper anymore, but does his poo once a day once his diaper is off. The good news is that it makes life SUPER easy for me, especially since we go out every day, since I never have to worry about him pooing when we’re out and having to deal with the mess. The bad news is that he still pees in his diaper (and is probably a loooong way away from pee-trained), so we still have to spend $$ on diapers. Ah well!
Munch much munch


Baby and Adult dinners


  • Sleeping – brought this Sleeping section back because things changed in the past 1-2 months. He’s gone from 2 naps to 1 nap a day. D’ohhhhh! This means that I don’t have quiet-time to myself in the morning, which is difficult as it’s much harder to get stuff done now. But not much I can do because he will simply refuse to sleep in the morning.. boo. Fortunately, he still clocks in his 7PM – 7AMsleep-through-the-night-without-waking habit, so I suppose I can’t complain…

    Rather cheery in the morning


  • Motor control – can easily go from lying down -> crawling -> standing up -> sitting back down, etc. And like all his friends his age, he simply cannot get enough of cruising around the place.. which is particularly exhausting because he needs to be monitored waaaay more than before! Fortunately, he’s not the super active sort and will still look at me for approval before he grabs or chucks stuff.. so I guess I should be glad about that. He especially loves to dance to music and is currently learning to jump by himself (though he falls onto his bum upon landing).
Crusing in the pool

  • Talking/listening – very noisy! And now can understand a surprising amount of words, like car, wheels, elephant/giraffe/dog/pig/cat. Can also point to his head, ears and tongue when asked, and does the splish-splash action when we ask him to. Loves to brush his own hair. Ummm… just a whole bunch of stuff that will be silly for me to try and document every little thing! But obviously he can understand us now and is like a little sponge in the way he absorbs words. So we have to be increasingly careful to speak properly in front of him, not swear, etc etc.

And of course we had his 1st birthday party over the weekend – a kiddy party with a whole bunch of all his regular playdate friends. I have a few hundred photos to trawl through and so will get round to writing that one up next.

But, CRIPES, our baby boy is 1 YEAR OLD!!!! Epic. HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY, my son!



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

How time flies! Hunter is such a big boy now, and it’s been wonderful reading how his personality is emerging too. I think it’s awesome that Hunter has potty-trained himself, sure to make things easier down the road! Happy 1st birthday Hunter, you’re such a blessing to so many!

wow happy birthday to him! also, i rmb i started reading this blog when you just gave birth…made me realise i’ve been reading for about a year! haha…enjoy your posts! 🙂

Hi there Beverly,

How did you ease Hunter through his teething periods? Do you use the amber beads. I have heard about it but I’m not sure if it actually works. Any recommendations?

He’s been fine with his teething so far.. thankfully!
He does use an amber bead necklace, you’ll see it pop up on him in some pics from time to time 😀

it seemed like yesterday when i first read your pregnancy posts… and you’ve potty trained him for poop already? impressive! Will ask your advice when laura’s old enough for potty.
good job hot mama 😉

Time does fly, huh?
Oh and we def didn’t train him.. he insisted on doing that himself cos he can’t stand pooping in his diaper for some reason?!?!

No more a baby!!! Happy birthday Hunter!!! You are well loved by the people around you!
Btw how long does he nap in the afternoon?? Isy doesn’t nap well in the morning anymore (he tends to skip his morning naps if he is at daycare). Boo!

Yeah, how much our boys have grown in the past year!

He does about 1.5-2hrs, starting at 12PM almost on the dot. It was cos he started resisssssting his morning nap (9:30AM) later and later until finally he ended up at just the one nap at 12PM now!