Hunter, Hunter's progress HUNTER: MONTH 6-7 PROGRESS 25 August 2011

Happy 7 month Birthday, Hunter!

"The cutest, sweetest, most adorable baby in the world", says his onesie. It was a gift, so it wasn't me that said it!! 😛


Our little boy is 7 months old today, and still brings such joy into our lives. I love seeing his personality develop each day and watching him learn. In the past month, he’s really settled into his routines (and seems to love it), and hit a couple of milestones which surprised us.

He’s a very cheery ‘lil boy in the morning and with us/people that he knows well, but is quite aloof and almost snobby to those that he’s not as familiar with. You know how babies normally grin and even squeal with delight when someone talks to/smiles at them? Not Hunter. He’ll just regard you, proudly. And if you work really hard, he may bestow a small smile upon you. If not, he’ll just look away like he can’t be arsed with you. It’s a bit embarrassing especially when friends or strangers come up to him to coo at him, and he behaves like this!! But I suppose this is his personality and we can’t force him to change. In fact, he’s very similar to Chris who is also more reserved and careful when he meets people, but is very cheery and lovely with people he knows/likes. Like father, like son 😉


  • Eating – Remember how we started off with solids last month? Well, things went downhill. Real bad. He started on organic rice cereal which he was fine with, but then it gave him constipation, to the point where he wasn’t poo-ing for 8 days (!) and we had to bring him to the doctor. So now I try to give him prunes and pears, but in general he doesn’t like solids AT ALL. At best, he will tolerate it whilst making disdainful faces. At worst, he pushes it away, clamps his mouth shut, and gets damn grumpy upon just seeing the bowl/spoon from afar. Sigh. And he still gets constipated, so every 4-5 days he gets a suppository up his bum to help him poo – which he does within 15 seconds afterwards, and is still soft, so I know that the poo IS there and that it’s not hard-pellets, but yet he won’t release it!
    In the interim, I’m breastfeeding almost exclusively, still. No choice because of his whole solids issue. At least this one is going well, perfectly, almost. That look of sheer satisfaction and unadulterated bliss on his face is priceless. It creates and cements this incredible bond between us that I can’t really describe, but am so so so grateful for, and I feel this is my reward for suffering through all that awfulness in the first 2 months.
    And this is more an update for me than about Hunter, but I also hit my goal weight of 43KG this month 😀 It’s actually below my pre-pregnancy weight, and has been a goal weight of mine for maybe 2 years now.. so I’m pleased as punch I’ve hit it! YAY!!!!!!!!!

  • Sleeping – His sleeping habits are, touch wood, near on perfect. He’s always been quite a good sleeper since birth, but this month became even better. Still, he’s put down for his day naps/night sleep awake, and is left there to fall asleep on his own. Which he does within around 1-10 minutes. It’s BLISS!!!! And we didn’t have to ‘sleep train’ or do any sort of ‘cry it out’ method, because he chose to do this himself – which I am grateful for because I’m not sure if I have the stamina or the heart to let a baby cry himself to sleep…
    • Naps: now he does 2 naps a day (down from 3), and his morning nap is a glorious 1.5 hours! Finally!!!! It means I have the time to get breakfast done, do the dishes, wash clothes, fold clothes, organise the house here and there, and sit down for a bit on the computer. Oh the little luxuries.
    • Night: goes down at 7PM and sleeps til 7-7:30AM the next morning.
Reading a bedtime story at 6:30PM before 7PM bedtime

Hunter in action, falling asleep in 1.5 mins


  • Motor control – He’s learned the pincer grasp, which means that when there’s a small object (like a little piece of ribbon) in front of him, he uses just his thumb + pointer finger to pick it up. Not that impressive to look at or anything, but just cute to watch.
    He’s still sitting very well unsupported since he started about a month or so ago. Basically can pop him anywhere and leave him be, which is fantastic as it really frees up my hands when I take him out. But now he also stands whilst holding onto the side of the coffee table/couch.. and he also crawls – both of which he started a week after his 6-month birthday.
Singapore is fabulous for all their high chairs!
Playing on a toy car
Oh the concentration!

Took this video awhile ago, but here he is when he first
started crawling; doing the (v slow) commando crawl!


  • Talking – yep, he discovered his voice. Finally! Better late than never. Now, he goes “MumMumMummm” for me when he’s hungry or wants some comforting, and babbles all sorts of various noises that we don’t actually understand 😉 I guess it will take many more months for his speech to develop, but at least this is a start!

I only have just one wish for the next month – that he will eat and poop properly. Ahh how things change when you’re a mother. And how amusing when your conversations now revolve around eating, sleeping and pooping.. like it’s the most fascinating thing in the world 😉 But at the end of the day, we just want the very best for our children, and we can’t help it if health issues (no matter how big or small) keeps us up at night with worry…

When I grow up, I want lashes just like Hunter's 😉


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I have never been below 50Kg ever since I hit 12! and I am 159cm! LOL! I keep telling myself I should be grateful I lost all my preggie weight as it is!

BTW Isy also had very bad poop wrt to rice cereal. Have you tried him on oats? Isy pooped much better when he is on oats. When he was a bit older, I introduced him to a mix of oats and brown rice. It got better and he pooped better. The moment he starts constipating though I would offer him prunes, pears or apricots. I haven’t met a baby who rejected apricots though! 😛 Try them?

Yeah I my only goal was to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, so this was just a bit random and I discovered it one day when I hopped onto the scales, lol! I think it’s just thanks to Hunter’s breastfeeding.. but now that I’ve started exercising I think I’ll put on weight due to muscle mass (wishful thinking?)

I think I will try oats – thanks for the tip! You reckon it’s better than prunes/pears that I’ve been feeding him though? I will try apricots next…. hee

You’re 43kg??!?!?!? That’s like 17 kg less than my pre-pregnancy weight! And I’m 160cm tall too. Hmmm… haven’t been in the 40s range since secondary school I think.

I have ridiculously light bones, that’s why! People never guess my weight cos they usually guess me at least 5KG heavier…. doh 😉

Hi Beverly! You managed to lose all that weight really fast! Any tips on how to do it? It’s pretty incredible being able to go to 43kg after being pregnant!

I shed the majority of my weight straight after the birth, because Hunter came out so big – LOL!!! Then it took about 2 more weeks after the birth to go back to pre-pregnancy weight, and I attribute it to breastfeeding as I was too weak/lazy to exercise. Hunter had a voracious appetite so I guess my body chewed through all my fat/calories to make enough milk for him.. heh!

Happy 7-month birthday Hunter! You are such a cutie pie! 🙂 I love his happy chubby face 🙂 how adorable!

Aww he’s so cute…those thighs looks scrumptious. I can see his hair is quite light (still a bit of a baldy though!). Don’t worry about the solids too much. The first few months is really just for them to experience different flavours and textures.

Yeah he’s growing his hair now (finally) but it’s light, so it doesn’t show up in pics , dohhhh.

I’m thinking if he still won’t take solids after 12 months then I’ll worry. But now I’m even more concerned about his lack of pooping. SIGH!!

Also, I heard that organic oatmeal cereal is less constipating than rice cereal so you may want to try that!

Hunter is so adorable! Happy 7 months!!
Wow, 43kg? Congrats on reaching your goal weight! How tall are you?

Hunter is doing so great! I especially fascinated by his commando crawl 😉 Am sorry that the solids isn’t going too great at the moment. Have you heard of baby-led weaning? Apparently it’s where you give foods in solid form (instead of purees) from the get-go. I haven’t tried it myself (going to start my son on solids when we return to Sweden in a few weeks) but some of my friends recommend it, and I’m intrigued by it too.

Enoch is going to be doing it very soon too, considering he rolls around so much, heh!!

I’m actually going to look up baby-led weaning.. cos I’m thinking maybe it will work for Hunter. Fingers crossed! 😛

warning. BLW is (in a word) MESSY!!
will not be for you if you are anal about cleanliness at mealtimes.

we do sorta a combi of chopped (not pureed) foods and BLW.

Well they do say solids before a baby’s 1st birthday is all about tastes and textures so don’t worry so much abt his lack of enthusiasm for now. Bm will be all he needs along w a supplemental multivit.

U r so very lucky w H wrt sleeping! Me so envious!

That’s definitely a relief. I’m so worried about his reaction though.. it’s not even lack of enthusiasm, it’s like flat out HATRED! But the past 2-3 days he’s back to eating his prunes (albeit with a disdainful face).. sigh.

I would give up his awesome sleeping habits for regular poops 😉