HAPPY EASTER 2019 21 April 2019 in Family, FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore

We celebrated Easter this year with BOTH sets of grandparents.. very rare for us, and possibly the first time ever?

Why we don’t have a TV in our house 8 February 2019 in Family, Uncategorized

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked “But…. how can you have 3 kids, and NOT have a TV in your house?!” The answer is: we just wouldn’t turn it on, if we did. We never popped our kids in...


Nothing much to say today… just that I was looking through my photo’s camera roll and seeing some of these recent photos really warmed my heart. Feeling ever so grateful for this little (or big?) family of mine. Grateful for everyone’s health and happiness,...

WHO DID IT BETTER? 9 March 2018 in Chloe, Family, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE

Blasé mum VS doting grandfather I suppose this is why kids always love their grandparents so much, eh 😉        

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! 31 December 2017 in Birthdays, Family

It’s my Dad’s birthday today… yep, he is a New Year’s Eve baby! So for as long as I’ve known, ringing in the new year is more about celebrating his birthday rather than going out partying with friends. And I don’t remember ever wishing...