Family, Uncategorized Why we don’t have a TV in our house 8 February 2019

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked “But…. how can you have 3 kids, and NOT have a TV in your house?!”

The answer is: we just wouldn’t turn it on, if we did.

We never popped our kids in front of the TV, not really for any altruistic reason, but simply because Chris and I don’t watch TV.

Screen time (ie. iPad) is strictly only allowed on Weekends.

This has been our family rule since the kids were born.. so to them, it’s just what life is in our home 🙂

I’m grateful that Chris and I aren’t TV-watchers, so we – and the kids – have never felt weird or left out. That said, Chris and I are complete phone addicts, so presently Hunter has taken to pleading with us for his own phone! (ugh)

What do they do instead of watching TV/iPad every day?

Let’s just say that we are frequent fliers at the library.. the boys go through 7-10 books a week each. So I am forever grateful that Singapore has the best libraries in the world, IMHO!

Any other spare moment is spent swimming. At the moment, the boys swim about 3x/week, and Chloe 5x/week.

As a family, we spend time just chilling out together, playing LEGO and toys.. boardgames.. whatever is around, really.



And, we have family swims like THIS! 🙂


As well as post-swim delicious home-cooked dinners. It’s a bit of craziness for me, as I’m running between the pool and our kitchen, prepping and cooking dinner dripping wet… but it’s worth it, as the kids scoffed it all! Hurray!

…..and then they had showers, snuggled into bed, and watched an episode of Brainchild on my iPad.

Because, hey, no TV doesn’t mean ZERO screens.. and it’s a Friday night! 🙂


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