Family, FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore HAPPY EASTER 2019 21 April 2019

We celebrated Easter this year with BOTH sets of grandparents.. very rare for us, and possibly the first time ever?

Buffets are fairly rare for us these days (compared to before, when they were an almost weekly affair), because we’re trying not to eat too much, and also because it’s not much fun being at a buffet when you have 3 young kids.. I spend more time chasing after them than I do eating! But it actually was surprisingly easy – and relaxing – today. 

The boys were on their best behaviour (specifically because they were promised Teen Titans afterwards, ahem), and Chloe slept through half of it, then woke up cheery and not too screamy. 


I suppose my kids aren’t too afraid of heights, because here they are on the 32nd floor of the Westin hotel, looking allllll the way down!


You gotta dance like nobody’s watching. 

A candid photo of Chloe, doing what she does best.. moving nonstop. 


No food photos, apart from the one above. I was too delighted with the amazing buffet spread to remember to take photos! This was my first plate off super-fresh seafood. The food was really amazing. I was repeating to myself “Do NOT overeat. Do NOT overeat.” for the entire morning before we arrived. But when we got there… I overate. Massively.



My parents’ Swiss friends are in town, and brought a box of handmade Swiss Easter eggs – hard boiled eggs which they color with some edible dye to get different patterns. The eggs actually turn out pretty gorgeous!

In traditional Swiss style, we each got a turn to smash our Easter eggs together, to see which one cracked first. Hilarious!


My in-laws also get in on the action. Haha!


Daddy and his princess. Practicising walking down the aisle?


Chloe’s first ever chocolate bunny. She wasn’t entirely sure what it was at first, as she’s never seen (or eaten) wrapped chocolate before. 

But, one bite and she was a goner. It was actually really hard taking it away from her! She kept attacking it and going and going and going, until we finally managed to take it off her, after she’d eaten half of it (OMG). 

In comparison, Carter ate two bites and was done. Hunter didn’t even open his. Later, when I asked him why, he simply said “Chocolate is really unhealthy.” 

I’m speechless too.




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