Birthdays, Family 32 YEARS OLD 4 November 2013

And so, onย 31 October, I quietly turned 32 years old.

OK fine, I lie.

I did do a bunch of birthday lunches and dinners and shennanigans with family and friends.. but I either didn’t photograph them (too lazy, too busy enjoying the in-the-moment), or I did but haven’t gotten around to blogging it yet (maybe eventually).

But really, no big party or WHAM BAM IT’S MY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE, cos I just feel kinda old and over the birthday business. To me, it’s simply an excuse to go out with friends, and most of all, to light candles so my kids can gleefully sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles for me.

Because, these days, it’s really only aย happy birthday if I’m celebrating it with my family, and that my kids are happy.

With my three greatest loves <3



Cutting my Awfully Chocolate cake – one of my faves!


Hunter HIGHLY approved of the cake..


And, just like that, I’m one year older.

But I don’t fear aging. I am where I want to be in life. I have a husband and two children to show for it, and I’m satisfied. Life is good ๐Ÿ™‚

May we always see sunshine and bubbles in our lives


Letโ€™s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Love the last photo too. I also like the photo of Carter looking intently at the candles.

happy birthday, beverly! โ™ฅ may you have an amazing year! (i love the last picture of your family, btw!)

I just love the last picture of you and your family. It’s beautiful.

Happy birthday Bev, may you always be surrounded with your loved ones on your birthday!