Birthdays, Hunter HUNTER’S 1ST BIRTHDAY PARTY 28 January 2012

Hunter’s 1st birthday party was planned a little over 1 month in advance.. and frankly, it took more effort than any other party I’ve ever organised. I guess it’s because I’m not the sort to put together really lovely thematic parties, so this was actually my first time and I was quite a newbie to it all. Not to mention, it was obviously my first time planning a kid’s birthday party 😛 It was held at the ONE°15 Marina Club, which we were very pleased with and were absolutely impressed with their service.

At first, I wanted to go the whole hog and cook/bake everything. But then it wasn’t practical because 1) the venue booking came with catering, and 2) I would do nuts and never sleep trying to cook/bake.

As for the ‘creative’ part of what I did, I was pretty much at a loss. I can appreciate beautiful/cute things, but I simply can’t cough them up myself – I’m just not a creative kinda person! And so I hired Senior Party Consultant from Little Projects In Style.

Nah!!! Just kidding. What actually transpired was me wailing miserably to her about how I didn’t know where the heck to start, and her feeling generous and helping me out by sending me ideas, tips, and general creativity stuff. And… I’m happy to say… I can actually do ‘creative’ stuff under guidance!! But I will reserve another post on the whole behind-the-scenes on what was made, and how it was done..

Anyhow, the theme was Spaceships and the party colours were blue and silver.

We all arrived just before lunch time, to suss out the area and start setting up. We had 200 blue/silver balloons (!??!?!) that the (very wonderful) staff were to fill with helium, but in the end we gave up and settled for maybe 50+ balloons. I wanted to “fill up the entire ceiling” to make it look light the starry night sky, but in the end it was too time-consuming and we realised the balloons would simply float out of the ceiling up on the sky!

We had a quick lunch right there and a bit of a chill-out before all our kiddy guests started arriving….


Over this way, please!


The table setup


A quick family pic in front of our homemade birthday banner


Dad with his adored (and adoring) nephew


Party theme colours - blue and silver. Those are our lil favour bags!


Birthday boy, amused with the stuffed spaceship dangling from the ceiling


Me and my gal pals


The female version of Hunter's big eyes 😛


Our boys (1 month apart) toddling away


As guests were arriving, their kids’ eyes were trained towards the pool(s). It was hard to keep them away! In the end, all the kids got in almost immediately after arrival for a splish splashing good time in the sun… as did the parents 🙂 We were very fortunate that the weather was perfect – sunny but not searing, and the wind picked up in the late afternoon which made it lovely and cool after everyone had finished their swim.

They have a main infinity pool for adults, but 3 shallow areas for kids. One is about knee-height with water, with tables and chairs (!!) in it, so you can sit right in the pool and enjoy some food and drinks as well. The other shallow pool was a section of the large one, where deck chairs were in it, and it was about calf-height. And the third shallow pool was about ankle-height with water jets, and lovely and warm since it was so shallow.

Splish splash!


Look at the lil one's round belly!! *blows raspberries*


Me and my 1 year old boy!


I like this closeup 🙂


Kiddies playing in the pool. Such a cute sight!


Cute lil ones splashing in the wading pool


Fun in the sun


I’d expected all of us to be swimming for about 30 mins… but I checked the time after awhile and realised we’d been in the water for around 2 hours! So ended up having to hustle everyone out because I didn’t want all the food to get cold, and was worried we’d have kiddy meltdowns due to overtired children (fortunately, no meltdowns all day!).

The food was served buffet-style and was specifically catered for the kids.. so it was fairly bland. My favourites were the fries, chicken nuggets and fried rice! Unfortunately the food was ready 2 hours before we ate, so it probably would’ve been better if we’d eaten earlier. Ah well, at least almost all the food was cleared out, and the kids all had a good munch and their bellies filled!

I decided to give everyone a treat and organised for Movenpick ice cream. The brand is special to us because it was the ice cream served complimentary across the island during our Whitsundays holiday when Chris proposed, and we also had the same ice cream when we started our Maldives honeymoon. Nice memories 🙂 I got a tub of Hazelnut, but there was a mixup and they served Maple Walnut instead.. which was too sweet unfortunately. D’oh!!

It's chow time!


Hunter ate bits of almost everything, quite merrily since he could see everyone else eating the same food


My homemade cookies 🙂 Not as good cos I had to bake them the day before!


Mini cupcakes on a Spaceship-themed stand


A glorious photo of my 2 beloved boys 🙂


Munch munch munch..


Hunter found a new 'walker', proudly pushing it all round.. until it got stuck accidentally and he did a face-plant right on the ground. Oops!


3 smiling mums. 3 somber babies.


And then…. it was cake cutting time. We decided to splurge a little and get a two-tier cake from Pine Garden. Was KICKING myself afterwards because I made the silly decision to pick the triple-chocolate flavour. Why silly? Because Pine Garden is famous for their Lychee Martini, Baileys Choc Crunch, Pulut Hitam etc flavours… and silly me picked the most basic of all flavours! I did it because I thought it’d be most palatable for the kids, but really, it’s not like the kids ate most of the cake. And the triple-chocolate from Pine Garden was, frankly, average. I mean, it was nice and all… but ANY cake shop could have done that for a fraction of the price. Grrrr! I wouldn’t have minded paying the price I did if it was for one of their fantastic/famous flavours or if their triple-choc had been outta-my-mind-amazing (which it wasn’t). So am still quite annoyed with my mistake. Oh well, live and learn..

Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Hunter.. and he joined in with the clapping, which was kinda cute 😛 He was fairly solemn-faced throughout though, because he’d tired himself out with all the epic swimming and let’s be frank – he’s not exactly a social butterfly 😉 Still, I was VERY proud he didn’t have any epic meltdowns and/or crying fits throughout. Yay!!

Chris looking at me, Me looking at the camera, Hunter not caring and eye-balling the cake


Triple-choc cake from Pine Garden. Candle decorations by me 😀


Clapping with everyone to "Happy Birthday"


"MFFFTTTT!" he says, as he's being kissed to death


First time having cake. Verdict? "More, please!"


And so, that was a pretty brief summary of Hunter’s 1st birthday party 🙂 We had a lovely time and he really enjoyed seeing all his little boy and girl pals that he hangs out with. Unfortunately us parents didn’t exactly get much time to chat or socialise.. but I suppose that’s what young kiddy parties are about!

I didn’t get as much time as I’d wanted to talk to everyone for extended periods of time.. which was a bummer.. so I’m REALLY glad it was a pool party, so at least parents could also swim and have some fun with their kids 🙂

Hard to believe that 1 year ago, Hunter was freshly popped. How much things can change in a year; and unbelievable how much a baby can develop in a year. And we feeling nothing but privileged to be his parents 🙂

(Some pics stolen from Ruth, Janice, Candice, Patricia, Amelia and my Dad. Thank you guys!) 


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

yayyy! 🙂 you pulled it off! and im so glad you had fun!!! actually, i must admit the ideas were mostly yours!! all i did was to cheerlead you on the side!!

hopefully im in town for hunter’s second! we can start planning now! 🙂 hee…

You def helped.. for sure I’ve never pulled out this sorta stuff for ANY party ever 😉

Hahahah it would be awesome if you’re in SG next Jan!