Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CARTER: MONTH 10-11 PROGRESS 5 July 2013


Happy 11 month Birthday, Carter!


You’d have thought I’d know this by now, but it really surprises me how quickly the baby stage passes. Your soft, docile, lie-there-and-do-nothing newborn transforms so quickly into a little toddler… and you’re left wondering what happened and who replaced your baby.

Carter is slightly mad, super active, very expressive (oh how all his myriad of expressions leave us laughing!), loves life to the max, and has totally stolen my heart.

He’s very schedule-driven (like Hunter is/was), and as long as he is fed and napped promptly on schedule, he is an absolute charmer and very easy and straightforward to look after. He’s frequently happy to amuse himself alone and is basically grateful anytime people pay him some attention. Guess this is the persona of a second child?

Check out my new ride!


Cheery pants


He spends the majority of his day happy-as-a-lark, so most people don’t believe me when I say he is a total Drama King and can cry BUCKETS of crocodile tears! Thus, I took a photo of him and here it is:

Such sad tears! Over…. nothing.


He is absolutely in love with me, which I admit I totally soak up and and love 😛 He’s much more attached to me than Hunter was, and it’s so nice having a cuddly little baby that yearns for you! He wants either me, or my Dad, or Chris.. everyone else kinda pales in comparison. There’s definitely some sort of separation anxiety going on right now, since he gets really nervous and upset if strangers pick him up. Hope it passes by quickly though!


My koala 🙂


  • EATING – It’s not possible for anyone to eat in peace at the table, unless Carter’s eating as well. He’ll fuss and rant ’til he gets some food in his belly – even if he’s just been fed! He eats all my super-healthy steamed veggies and tofu.. but also food straight off my plate. He’s game for anything, which is really impressive considering he has zero teeth.
    I breastfeed him every morning and night, which is our special bonding time and he will cry and go berserk until he gets his boob. Chris reckons he acts like a man and waaay too dependent on his boob feeds the moment he wakes up and when it’s bedtime, so he’s pressured me to fully wean. Thus, as of tonight, Carter was given a bottle instead of my boob.. and surprisingly he didn’t get angry!
    Thus, now he eats solids 2x a day, and drinks 210ml of milk 3x a day.
Drinking from his bottle, which he FINALLY will hold by himself!


Eating grilled salmon and potatoes, straight off my plate



  • SLEEPING – Our trip to Copenhagen really screwed up his overnight sleeps. When we returned, he spent about 4 nights torturing us with much screaming 🙁 We all got barely any sleep! 🙁 But then, he suddenly got over it and is sleeping through again *crosses fingers*.. so let’s hope it lasts.
    He’s still on 30 mins naps, 3x a day. Really unusual as kids these age are on 2 naps for longer periods of time. But he naps easily in his stroller or his cot, so I can’t really complain.
Playing in bed together


All smiles in the morning


Good morning!

  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – The little dude has finally got the hang of the ‘pincer grasp’, ie. picking up a small treat and placing it in his mouth! Hunter mastered this months earlier than he did. But Carter is an adept crawler, cruises like he was born to do it, and is pretty good with gross motor skills.
    He discovered the delight of finger pointing, and points at virtually everything he finds interesting (which is basically anything), going “THERE!!!” whilst frantically pointing at the object. He likes to clap his hands, especially to songs, and delights when we follow suit. He also enjoys giving an object to us, and then taking it back.
Fastest way of getting from Point A to Point B


Obstacle course junkie
The cruise machine


  • SPEECH DEVELOPMENT – Loads of nonsensical babble, but now likes to point and say “THERE!” when he spots something of interest. (previously spoken words: dada, mama)


I love seeing the two kids together, and am taking ridiculous delight in dressing them alike 😉 Hey I figure I don’t have long before they start to complain! They’re good companions together and always look for each other if one is out of sight. They scuffled a lot whilst in Copenhagen, but have been really loving toward each other since coming back home.

My two doe-eyed tots




Hunter showing Carter the ropes on how to play with a toy (probably moments before he smacked Carter’s head into it!)


Small, Medium, Large 😛


Only ONE MORE MONTH till he turns 1 year old! Yikes. Has it really been almost a year now? I am so proud of everything he has achieved, and love watching him grow. He really does complete our family and I can’t (nor want to) remember life before Carter. I LOVE YOU, my not so baby boy!


Superman or Speed racer?


Loving the ride-em car!


Compare with Hunter at Month 9-10 here.




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Carter is soooo cute!!! Can’t believe he will be one soon. I have a 9months old baby myself and just started bottle/formula feeding. Any tips how you train carter to hold his own bottle? My boy jus refuse point blank to even touch the bottle. Even try the bottle handles – no luck!

Time really does fly!
Oh, Carter refused to hold his bottle when we first started using it… so finally, a few weeks ago, we just simply refused to hold it for him, so he had no choice but to hold it up himself if he was hungry, heh!

Carter is so so precious. So happy I finally got to meet him and Hunter! My boy still talks about them 🙂

Hunter too!!! He keeps saying “take big choo choo train to see Enoch. Go to Enoch’s house.” Aww wish we lived closer together so the boys can plan. But at least will see you in Feb 🙂