Carter, Carter's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CARTER: MONTH 6-7 PROGRESS 5 March 2013


Happy 7 month Birthday, Carter!


My precious little baby is now quite the rambunctious bub.. with an easy, sunshine smile and a terrific yell to accompany his crazy-active personality. It’s hard to keep up!

He’s eager for attention, dishing out great big smiles and excited arm-flaps when he gets some. I find him so utterly endearing! He’s a squishy squashy cuddly wombat and nothing makes him happier than being cuddled or carried.

Whilst Hunter, as a baby, always got attention for his looks (eg. long lashes, huge eyes, etc), Carter gets his attention from people that melt over his sunny smiles. He’ll sit in his stroller whilst I’m out dishing out grins and gurgles to strangers, so sometimes even Hunter gets overlooked for him.

He’s a pretty easy going baby, and doesn’t make my life too difficult. That said, I’m suspecting he’s about to go through separation anxiety.. recently he gets really really nervous/frantic if I step out of sight, or if a stranger’s face is in front of him and I’m not nearby. And, if someone picks him up, he quickly leans backwards to check who’s carrying him – if he doesn’t like what he sees, WATCH OUT!

Giving one of my cousins (whom he doesn’t see very often) the WHO THE HELL ARE YOU WOMAN look


All smiles when Mummy’s around!


  • EATING – Still breastfeeds exactly 5 times a day now. Aaaaannnnddd we’ve started SOLIDS! It’s actually so much fun feeding Carter, because DAMN HE IS GREEDY. I started off with breastmilk+rice cereal twice… but it didn’t satisfy him and he wasn’t happy. So I moved straight onto broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, avocado, and carrots (or a combination thereof) and he has one voracious appetite! We actually struggle with feeding him because he wailllllls if he’s not fed quickly enough, so we have to make sure the food is cooled enough to feed him at top-speed.  He eats about 60-90ml (2-3oz) of puree each time, which I feel is quite a bit for baby that’s just started solids, no? But any less and he’ll wail. Anyway, I’m fully gloating over his greedy eating habits because it’s such a refreshing change from Hunter!
Carter’s face at the dining table.. with GIVE ME FOOD written all over it


This lousy ‘cookie’ you gave me does NOT look the same as the cookies in the jar, mum!


Video of Carter in his Yamatoya high chair, having solids for the first time



  • SLEEPING – He sleeps solidly about 12 hours over night, and does 2-3 naps a day.


My heart


  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT – He’s become quite the expert at flipping both ways. A bit of a headache because he’ll immediately flip over when I put him down to sleep.. and then scooch and scramble alllll over in excitement, happy squeals and gummy grins included. This was really fun to watch the first few times, but now it’s just annoying – just go to sleep dude! He also keeps trying to pull up to standing but I think this will take awhile to do successfully because he’s so heavy. Hunter at this age was moving forwards, but Carter can only move backwards right now! I’m thinking his weight/girth is not the most ideal for a baby to have to drag around..


Addicted to sitting up, and now hates being left lying down (will promptly flip over)


Hunter and Carter are such good buddies. The happiness on Carter’s face when he spots his older brother is so sweet! I really do think the benefit of having children in consecutive years is that they grow up so much closer.. I hope it stays this way 🙂

Classic Carter “What are you doing, Hunter? I wanna do it tooooo” look


Obediently playing the patient for Doctor Hunter


Music time together in their matching Elly shirts


Baby superheros for hire – take your pick! (superhero leggings from Little Titans. Hunter’s tee from Nottoobig.)


In this whole world, I call no one else my brother, but you.


Happy 7 months, my chunky monkey! I love your hilarious expressions, but not as much as the look you give me. I love the way I can calm you down instantly, when no one else can. I love how your bright lil eyes always seek me out, and your whole body visibly calms when you spot me. I love how good the nape of your neck smells first thing in the morning. I love how content and satisfied you are when you’re nursing. I love your mad arm-flaps when you’re happy. I love YOU!


Had to sneak in this pic, because both kids just make me LMAO!


My cool lil guy


Compare with Hunter at Month 4-5 here.




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hey, what brand rice cereal do you feed Carter? Ethan is turning 6 mths old next mth and I am thinking what I should introduce him when he starts on semi solid. Thanks!

This post really brought a smile to my face 🙂 Carter has such a beautiful spirit! So awesome that he and Hunter are such brothers-in-arms 🙂