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There’s a lovely park in Singapore called West Coast Park, situated in… errrr… the west coast area. I was surprised by how big it was. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Singapore, thanks to all the greenery around! Well, except for the giant port in the ocean a distance away, but I guess you could squint and pretend it doesn’t exist and that you’re staring at an empty peaceful ocean instead 😉

The lush West Coast Park


They have a LOT of stuff for big kids and little kids. Hunter’s eyes BUGGED OUT when he saw it all! “Play ground” was his first word and he still adores play grounds. They have one for younger kids like Hunter, all brightly coloured and cutesy. And there are others for the older kids, and an impressive flying fox for even older kids and adults. Man, it’s a lot of fun!!

Hunter now has his trademark wink..


Having fun on the ride-em animals


Playing fireman


Carter and I both squished into this little car. Thank goodness it didn’t collapse!


Love the ocean in the background. Not sure why Hunter looks so sulky here though…


There’s also a lovely board walk at West Coast Park, which is actually much cooler than expected as it’s under all the trees and by the water. Really nice for a quiet little stroll in the shade.

Checking out the boardwalk


“Any fish in there?”


I see one!!


The pics below are in a different play ground, it’s one in a residential estate. The kids had a blast! Pretty sure they could be in a play ground 24/7 and be perfectly happy..

‘Helping’ Carter down the slide by giving him a nice big shove


LMAO at Hunter’s face vs Carter’s face!


Awww they wanted a photo together 🙂


Such a happy (winking) shot of a happy boy


My little water baby. He loves swimming even more than Hunter does!


Boys so happy to be swimming together


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I’ve got a daughter who’s just a month younger than Carter .. Been trying to start her on swimming but haven’t found a suitable float. May I know where did you get that sunny looking float which Carter was in? Carter looked like he was alot of fun!


It’s a hand me down, I don’t think it has a specific brand! But there are quite a few floats that are like this one – basically a large ring, with a little ‘seat’ on the inside.

Carter doesn’t really use it often though. We actually started him off just sitting by himself on the first step of the pool, so his bottom was in the water and he could splash!