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My darling little nephew, Gerald, turned ONE MONTH OLD!! OK so this was two weeks ago (I always seem to have a long list of back-dated stuff to blog about, gahhh) so I guess technically he is 1.5 months old now.

Here’s the little munchkin:

Look at this pouty lips… ngawwwww


We had a fab time! It was some family and friends, not too big and not too small a party. There were a bunch of kids Hunter’s age there that kept him occupied.. and Carter was content just observing them all (and probably wishing he could escape his silly baby body and run around like the big kids!!)

Me and my lil guy!


These two babies are born just 1-2 weeks apart. I think mine swallowed some steroids somewhere along the way though…….


Food was an EPIC spread byย GRUB. It was a real treat sampling our way round the menu! Also, utterly impressed at how the GRUB folk could whip up and scale their food to make it buffet-style.ย 

I loved loved loved their Chicken dish (errr dunno what it’s officially called and if it’s even on the cafe’s menu), the Slow Roasted Pork Belly, and their Baked Macaroni was delicious too. They had waaay too much food there and of course I felt compelled to eat one of everything… and then go back for seconds.. so I ended up feeling a wee bit ill afterwards from the over-feeding.

Impressive spread from GRUB


I was warned that their waffles “aren’t the proper version that the cafe has” as they had to be pre-made beforehand, whereas at GRUB, they are cooked to order. Whatever. They still tasted pretty brilliant to me!!

Waffles with fruit


So so so so many people have asked me about GRUB’sย churros. Well, here they are. They are STUPENDOUS. Really really light and crisp on the outside (and not too sugary), but all soft on the inside. They come withย Creme anglaise and dark chocolate dipping sauces and I kept going back and forth between the two because I couldn’t decide which one was better. In the end I dipped the churros in BOTH sauces… and that tasted pretty brilliant ๐Ÿ˜‰

GRUB’s churros withย Creme anglaise and dark chocolate


Aussie kids start on the grog pretty young


This is a lovely family shot (if I do say so myself, since I took the picture!) of them. Aren’t the two brothers cuties?? And that cake is supposed to be the two brothers in a bubble bath together. All the kids had great fun sprinkling on the ‘bubbles’ onto the cake ๐Ÿ˜‰

The lovely family ๐Ÿ™‚


The kids got in on the action too! And LOL at Gerald looking at his brother with a “OI GET OUTTA MY WAY” look


Just posting this pic because both kids have hilarious expressions on their faces


The 3 little boys were veeerrrryyyy excited about the cake decorations..


And then, Chris somehow became entertainment for the kids! They had a BLAST singing and dancing with him.. though just watching him jump around made us all feel pretty tired. The kids all slept well that night. As did Chris ๐Ÿ˜‰

Kids lined up against the wall. Big kid included.





It made me reaaalllyyy miss that snuggly helpless newborn stage! All floppy and sleepy and cuddly!

But then I also remember the sleepless nights of endless feeding, the sore nipples (TMI but oh so true), and how utterly booooring they are.

So, nope, Baby #3 isn’t anywhere on the horizon for us!

So cuuuuute. Look at his wee little ankles!!!!


Snoozing on mama


This would have been an almost nice-looking ad for Cookyn Inc, except Chris pulled that random weird face and distracted the kids…


Letโ€™s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Kim commented on Beverly’s adventures!:

Just wondering where you got the little Hunter and Carter stamps from that are on the gift bag? They are very cute, as are the real life Carter and Hunters.

Just wondering where you got the little Hunter and Carter stamps from that are on the gift bag? They are very cute, as are the real life Carter and Hunters.

Carter’s face in the last pic…LOL!! Its like “Dad! I mean seriously…”

Haha! Carter is so chubby but so cute! and squashy ๐Ÿ˜›
it seems like elliot was the only one who could keep up proper and touch the “heads, shoulders, knees n toes” accordingly thru out. hunter’s really excited thou.

Well, he’s huggable ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yeah Elliot was by far the only kid that can keep up.. cos he’s 4+ and the others are 2 or under!