Carter, Pregnancy PREGNANCY #2: MONTH 5 6 April 2012

5 months pregnant


I’m at around Week 21 now and freakin’ GIGANTIC. My belly doesn’t look that obvious in the above photo, but trust me, my friends that haven’t seen me in the past few weeks have *gasped* when they saw me recently. I’d say I can pass off as around 7-8 months pregnant right now, if you see me in real life. Not because I’m growing a giant baby (err… hopefully I’m not!) but apparently because of “lax stomach muscles”. Apparently with your #2 pregnancy, most women pop a lot earlier because your stomach muscles aren’t as strong to hold everything in. Sigh!

I’m feeling very good otherwise, which is really nice. I did have one particular day when baby head-butted my nerve or something, and my right bum/thigh felt really trapped and I couldn’t walk or stand properly. That was pretty awful, but apart from that one day, I haven’t had any other pregnancy symptoms and life continues on as usual. I’m grateful for that, because it still means my day-to-day life with Hunter carries on like I’m not pregnant. I guess I will start slowing down over the next few months though, as I get bigger and bigger!

I also felt kicks starting at Week 17, which is early but normal for a second pregnancy. Now, the kicks are so strong and frequent my belly actually wobbles (!!).. this didn’t happen with Hunter ’til at least 1-2 months later!

I’ve put on 4.5KG so far. I’m pleased because in comparison I’d put on 6KG at this stage when I was pregnant with Hunter. YAY achievement!!!! 😀 I’m hoping I don’t blow out to a 16KG weight gain at the end like I did with Hunter, because I’m not convinced I’ll snap back into pre-pregnancy shape within 2 weeks like I did with Hunter…



Funny how babies look like weird aliens in ultrasounds, yet manage to make their parents feel all mushy and goopy inside 😉

And we’ve known for almost a month now but I wanted to wait until the next Pregnancy #2 update to reveal the news… but…

We are having a BOY!! 


Looks like Hunter will have an instant best mate to play with 😉 It’s also going to be interesting to see if our next boy looks just like Hunter, or if they look pretty different. But my greatest wish is that he will be as mild-mannered and sweet, and not too feisty, haha!

Name? We haven’t locked any in, but will over the next few months. Will announce publicly after the birth 🙂


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Omg! Congrats! I last visited your blog in Feb and you’ve not announced your pregnancy yet so imagine my surprise when I visit your blog again today!


I’m sure Hunter will make a amazing big brother. 🙂

When is your EDB? I’m expecting my first and I’m in my fifth month too!

Yahoo!!! Another baby boy!!! I’m sure you’ll have another cutie like Hunter. =)

Congrats on another handsome bubba otw. And please! Only 4.5kg at this stage…ur still skinny other than the tummy part

Congratulations Bev, I’m sure baby boy number 2 will be just as special as Hunter is.

Best of luck for a smooth, enjoyable pregnancy.

Woohoo! Another lil’ boy and I bet he’ll be as sweet and mild-mannered as Hunter 😉

Getting ahead of myself here but oooh, two handsome boys for my future daughters! 😛

congrats!! my two boys are about as close in age and are inseparable best friends. i get asked all the time if they are twins, haha.

Ahhhhh so exciting! My biological clock is kicking into overdrive now haha 😉 so wonderful that Hunter is going to have a younger brother! They are going to be best buds for sure 😉

Ohhhh congrats!!! I had a feeling your second one would be a boy! Haha, easy for me to say now that you have officially announced it! I have no doubt you’ll get back to your normal weight in no time!

Congrats once again and yay to Hunter having a little (definitely cute) brother to play with.
Looks like #2 has big eyes! I think the ultrasounds these days are pretty amazing. No wonder parents get emotional looking at it. It shows so much detail!
P.S Don’t worry about not snapping back into pre-pregnancy weight like you did – I think it’s your genetics and you’re naturally thin (plus still young) so it’ll be the same. xo

Thanks Andrea! But heh to be honest I get confused with the ultrasounds.. I like the 3D ones more, but then again those look pretty alien

And I hope your words about weight loss will ring true!!! 😛

Yay to updated baby post and YAY to another chunky bro for hunter! Btw, you still look HOT at 5 months. The ultrasound image looked as if he’ll have long thick eyelashes too 😉

Aww thank you hon! I do wonder if #2 will have long lashes as well.. Hunter’s didn’t grow in til he was a few months old though 😛