Carter, Pregnancy PREGNANCY #2: MONTH 7 4 June 2012

7+ months pregnant


Here I am at Week 29. I missed the previous month’s (Month 6) update, because between the Australia trip and all our outings, I never got round to it. There was actually nothing to say anyway, and frankly, same goes for this month!

There’s really nothing much to report on, as nothing’s changed apart from the fact that my belly suddenly shot up in size, compared to the previous update for Month 5. I’ve put on almost 10KG so far, which is WHOPPING. Not surprisingly, Baby #2 is a big baby. He’s tracking about 1 week ahead in size and the doctor is getting a bit worried. There’s no real way I can try and slow down the growth though.. because apparently big babies are hereditary and Chris has the big genes! I was born a small/medium baby, but he was a big baby at around Hunter’s size too 🙁 So I just try not to fret too much about it, and just deal with it since this is a fact, and my reality, LOL..

Symptoms-wise, nothing really. Just the physical heaviness of lugging around an extra 10KG, not to mention carrying Hunter around the place on top of that. So that’s like carrying around an extra 22KG sometimes…… HALF MY BODY WEIGHT EXTRA. Can you imagine carrying around half your body weight extra?? It’s not easy! I try not to carry Hunter too much, since I know it’s not good for me, but sometimes he just insists and I find it really hard to say ‘no’ to those big eyes..

But, other than that, no cramps or varicose veins or nausea or sleepiness or anything else.. so I’m grateful I can still go about my daily business with Hunter. Anyway, I’d better take full advantage of it before I have “Two kids under two”, which is notorious for being unbelievably difficult!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

You look awesome! 🙂 And 10kg at 7+months isn’t a lot!! One of the things I do miss when no.2 came was time alone with no.1! Spend as much time with him as possible!! 🙂

I hit 16KG total with Hunter so I’m just realllyyy hoping I don’t get a repeat of that!

And I’m with you, i already feel guilty cos I think of #2 waaay less than Hunter when I was pregnant with him :X

Hi Beverly

U look good! Could you do an entry on your maternity fashion and style? Like where do u shop for your clothings for maternity wear and so on?

I’ve had a few people ask for that too.. but the thing is, I actually own very little ‘proper’ maternity wear – almost all my clothes are just my regular clothes, heh! I wear babydoll dresses which I think look really nice on a pregnant body shape 🙂

Congrats! You look great for being 7 months along with baby #2. Most people look more prego sooner after their first pregnancy.

What is your due date? I am due in 5 weeks, July 9th. We’re also having a boy (only our first).

If you’re concerned about weight, watching your carb intake like Jasmine recommended helps. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 10 weeks and have only gained 12 pounds (under 6 kg). Not to say that’s healthy, but it does make it harder to gain weight when you watch what you’re eating. I eat small portions, less carbs/sugar, lots of veggies and proteins. But minimal desserts, and that’s difficult.

Enjoy reading your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful family.

Yeah I do think I ‘showed’ a lot earlier with #2..

I’m due about a month after you! Not long to go now for you guys.. hope all goes smoothly 🙂

I really should watch my diet too but ughhhh it’s not easy!

Looking very good, Mommy!! 🙂

I understand how you feel as Abel was a big baby inside me too and I had to go thru the glucose test to make sure everything is ok. Gynae say it’s in the daddy’s genes. I was lucky to put on only 13kg that time and shed everything off in 2 weeks. However I am not so sure if I am able to do that for #2 too.

That’s a maternity top so I hope it still looks alright post-birth.. cos I still plan on wearing it – it’s comfy 😛