Carter, Pregnancy PREGNANCY UPDATE/VIDEO AT 32 WEEKS 21 June 2012

I’m actually starting to struggle being pregnant, now that I’m well into my 3rd trimester.

About a week ago, I suddenly got hit with hot flushes. I’ll be fine.. then suddenly start sweating out of nowhere! I’m not the sort that sweats, normally. In fact, I can go jogging and not really sweat a whole lot. So this is new and very annoying for me. Worst of all, my FEET get so hot I could scream!! It’s like someone stuck ’em in a super-hot sauna and I can’t escape. Really unpleasant, and has me reduced to sitting with my feet dunked in a bucket of water whenever I’m home. Seriously, I’m the epitome of ‘barefoot and pregnant’ right now.

I’m not sure if this is a me-thing, or if it affects pregnant women in Singapore because it’s just so freakin’ hot here?? With Hunter, it was winter in Shanghai, so I had no issues.

My other problem is that Baby #2 is active…. ALL the time. So active that the doc has trouble seeing him in every single ultrasound, and of course a 3D one is out of the question, even though we tried. He can’t stop moving! His movement is strong, like Hunter’s, but the difference is that Hunter would have quiet spells and would “sleep through the night” all night. With #2, NO WAY – if I’m lucky he just wiggles all through the night. If I’m unlucky I get woken up every 30-60mins with massive kicks and thumps 🙁 It means I get very broken sleep and I am crazy worried – this sounds like a very active baby that does NOT sleep through the night easily, does it not??!??!?


Baby #2, at 32 weeks… kicking up a storm

 Boy, we are in for a wild ride once he’s out…


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

omg Bev..LOL..yea..he’s an active little dragon ;)Hopefully once he’s out he’ll quieten down a little.

Jellybean was like that too and it was weird seeing the movements like that (like scenes from an Alien movie someone told me). I’m glad I took a short video too – kind of miss those moments.

Does bub kick you extra hard when you’re lying on a particular side? Peanut hated me on the right, Jellybean hated the left.

haha you def said it! I know it’s normal, but I wish that he would give it a rest sometimes.. especially at night :X

I haven’t noticed a particular side, but I’ll keep an eye out for that now 😛

it felt like Teanne was moving all day and night too!

we couldn’t get a decent ultrasound scan of her either. oh wells!

and yes, it’s our weather! it’s incredibly hot these days.

don’t worry. what they do now in the tummy does not equate their sleeping habits when they are out. thaddeus used to know when’s bedtime when he was in the tummy but he doesn’t sleep through the night even up till now!

I’ve had 2 babies and that video freaks me out, lol. Baby #2 was more noticeable too, because of 0 stomach muscles left after Baby #1, haha. I use to brace myself whenever she was rolling around, and the braxton hicks were strong from 31 weeks !!

I do feel braxton hicks too and my whole belly gets SO tight it feels like I’m going to pop like a balloon, lol.
Man, pregnancy sure ain’t easy..!

Oh my goodness! That is a LOT of movement!

You should move back to Sydney for the rest of the pregnancy. You won’t be sweating here at the moment, it’s quite frosty. 🙂

Hah I know.. it was really good in Shanghai when I was heavily pregnant and it was below 0 celcius.. now I appreciate that!

Holy smokes! That’s some real movement you’ve got in there!!!! I don’t recall my baby’s movements being so vivid such that I could capture it on video like you did yours! Re: swelling feet, I think its def. sth to do with the weather. My feet swelled really badly when I was in SG for my holiday and went back to normal when I went back to Germany.

My feet aren’t swollen and look like before, but just get so HOT.. argh!! But yeah, SG’s heat doesn’t help for sure 🙁

i thought my #2 moved a lot. I get a lot of gentle stretches and an occasional foot digging into the ribs, and lotsa barrel rolls. Your bub looks like he’s doing the salsa/lambada/jive/rocknroll all at the same time!!

It’s not so much the force/strength I’m worried about.. it’s the fact that it’s CONSTANT and through the whole night! He just doesn’t seem to *chill* and stop moving for a significant period of time :X

Wow, that is A LOT of kicking. I read your reply about how it’s just like knuckles on the tummy but it looks really painful! 😐

Anyway, seeya at brunch this Sat!

your boys sound like mine… my older son, both during pregnancy and now, is more mellow and calm, while the younger has always been a bundle of energy. i was very sleep-deprived during my pregnancy because he literally would be moving around ALL NIGHT! i was never worried if he was “ok” because he always reminded me that he was! hang in there… just 8 more weeks to go!

Aww.. I miss that feeling of baby moving around inside! My gynae says you tend to feel and see it a lot more with #2 because the stomach muscles have been stretched by #1.

I first felt #2 at around 17 weeks I think.
More like discomfort! Try using a knuckle to jab & drag along your belly and it feels like this.. only more ‘raw’ cos it’s on the inside , lol

Wow, that is A LOT of movement going on in there… Looks like you’ve got a real energizer bunny on your hands (or in your stomach)!