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4 months pregnant


Thanks for all your well wishes in my previous pregnancy announcement post. They are much appreciated! And sorry if it seemed a bit cryptic.. credit goes to Chris and my cousin Amanda for thinking it up; I merely executed it πŸ˜‰

So since everyone has been asking, I’m almost 4 months pregnant now.. We discovered the news around Christmas.. which made a nice Christmas surprise for us. It definitely came as a surprise, as we’d actually planned to have a baby next year, and not quite so soon! The downside being this is the Year of the Dragon.. and every Chinese person seems to be rather desperate to have a Dragon baby (dohhhhh) – which translates into a huge spike in births and the follow-on overloading of schools etc may be a bit of a problem. Ugh. But, I guess this was God’s wish, so here we are!

The pregnancy has been really smooth so far, much like it was with Hunter. Very thankful for that! I was hit by late-afternoon tiredness for around 2 weeks early on, but it wasn’t very bad and it soon passed. Apart from that, no puking or cramps or whatever else a pregnant woman can get. Whew! Though, I am breaking out quite a bit since falling pregnant – grrrrr!!! A far cry from being pregnant with Hunter, when my Β skin went super smooth, poreless and blemish-free.

Hunter and our #2 baby will be exactly 18 months apart. It will be lovely to have a baby boy, because they will grow up best buddies (since they are aged so closely), but it’ll also be wonderful to have a baby girl to dress up (and inherit all my handbags/jewellery, haha). Anyhow, we find out the gender next month πŸ™‚

Our utmost concern though was to make sure the pregnancy was progressing as planned and the baby was kickin’ healthy. And CRIPES our baby is active!!! He/she kicked up a storm during both the ultrasounds we’ve had so far, twisting and turning and dancing all over the place, with arms and legs waving everywhere. Our doc even commented that the baby appeared extraordinarily active. It was exactly the same with Hunter (who was so active people across the room would see my stomach wobble repeatedly), and he was born very docile and un-hyperactive, so I hope #2 is similar πŸ˜‰

Our #2 at Week 12


On the downside, I am growing ANOTHER big baby.Β What the….?! #2’s head is measuring 1 week ahead, JUST LIKE HUNTER DID. I put on a show-stopping, jaw-dropping 16KG with Hunter… so I guess I should resign myself to the fact that I’ll put on around that amount with #2 too. Post-birth with Hunter, I (fortunately) dropped all 16KG within 2 weeks. Somehow, I don’t feel so lucky with #2… mainly because I am already showing!! With Hunter it was after Week 20 that my belly started pooching out a little. With #2, it was more like Week 8. Gah. I’ve put on a little under 2KG so far at Week 16 – can’t remember if that’s more or less than what I put on when I was pregnant with Hunter at this stage.

So, I am due mid-August this year. Very exciting for us, and for our families πŸ™‚

Hunter’s gonna be a BIG BROTHER!!


Wee ‘lil dragon


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

oh wow gd on you!! i want to lose weight (i’m not a mother) asap for a wedding but dunno the fastest way

ps. congratulations on ur 2nd pregnancy!!

congratulations Bev!!! obviously i’m a bit behind on the news…so exciting!!!!

OMG! I totally didn’t get that Hidden Dragon photo. LOL.

Congratulations to you and your gorgeous family, how exciting! xxx

CONGRATS!!! And I love that you have BIG babies…it’s kinda neat for a tiny woman (you look great)! And look how absolutely ADORABLE Hunter turned out! Can’t wait for future baby # 2 posts! =)

Huge congratulations!!!! I somehow had a feeling that you were preggy even before you announced it!!! πŸ™‚

Congratulations! I’m also expecting my second (only 5 weeks to go!) and will also have a tiger and a dragon πŸ™‚ I’ve followed your blog on Livejournal since we swapped on MUA years ago. Looking forward to following your thoughts through this second pregnancy πŸ™‚

(Oh and I showed really early too second time – it’s normal since all the muscle etc has already stretched out once apparently!)

Pfft! U hardly look pregnant! I’m at 2mths and showing as much as you already. Is this why you stopped BF too btw? Or were you going to wean Hunter off anyway?

Congrats! You are the second blogger I’ve read in weeks to be pregnant.

I’m having a June dragon boy myself. Hope my first son will be buddies with this one, but as of now, he doesn’t like the idea very much.

haha cool, small world! There are a LOT of babies being born this year.. eeeek
Hope your lil one will love his younger brother once he’s out πŸ™‚ a buddy to play with!

Congratulations!!! I thought that was the case in your last post, but didn’t want to say anything just in case I didn’t read it correctly! LOL…

Omg bev that’s wonderful news! I just had our second boy last week so know what you mean by best buddies.

Congrats and all the best!

thanks Rosalie! You’re definitely one step ahead of us with our 2 gorgeous bubs.. hopefully we can handle 2 kids smoothly too πŸ˜›

I am so excited to follow your baby #2 pregnancy journey! When I found myself pregnant last September, I read back your pregnancy archives so as to educate myself better. Apart from cramps until week 8 or 9, I am doing great! I heard subsequent pregnancies do show up earlier as the uterus is expanding more easily now, but bev, you are a stunning mummy! No worries manz! Can I ask if you followed through the typical Chinese confinement after you had Hunter? What did you eat? I will be preparing my own meals so wud be great to have some ideas as I hear so many yes and no and consequences of certain foods. Headache.

Ohhh CONGRATS to you then!! You are about 1-2 months ahead of me I think πŸ™‚ And so good to hear that you’re doing well.

I didn’t really do the typical confinement because I don’t actually believe in it. But I did do the date-tea drink (loved it!!) and did stay indoors for most of the month.. as it was winter and freezing in Shanghai. I can’t handle ginger so most of the foods were out, but my mum basically just cooked healthy basic food and it was perfect that way πŸ™‚

Omg! we are almost the same, I have 23 weeks, and Im gonna have a baby girl β™₯
Wish you the best Bev πŸ˜‰

This is such wonderful news to hear! My sister and I are only 14 months apart and we are best of friends. I suspect that will be the same for Hunter and his new sibling! Congratulations!

oh how lucky to have a smooth no.2 pregnancy πŸ™‚ and you still look hot! looks like we petite mums with caucasian hubs can’t get away with big bubs, I never thought/ wanted my Laura to turn out 4kg! hence the need for c-sec in the end πŸ™ blame his genes as told by my gynae, meh!

Hah so true! The upside is that they’re pretty strong as newborns so we don’t fear as much as when handling a super-tiny newborn πŸ˜›

congratulations! very awesome news. I agree the second time round we tend to show so much earlier… because of the loose tissues (argh). but that shouldn’t matter in the grander scheme of things! πŸ™‚

Yeah.. i’ve heard about the “lax stomach muscles”…. doh.

CONGRATS TO YOU TOOOOOOOO! How far along are you? You didh’t mention:P

Sounds like it may be a girl, apparently they drain all your natural beauty which could explain the breaking out! Anyway, congrats! (:

Hhaha well I guess there’s a 50% chance it’s right! Btw just saw your blog and it’s fab, love your photography:)

Don’t worry about the weight gain, you will lose it all juggling with 2 kids!

Congratulations Beverly! Really happy for you πŸ™‚

read somewhere that #2 usually will show much earlier than the first one. exciting journey again! happy for you guys! πŸ™‚