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It was rollagirl9‘s 30th birthday and she spent it in Singapore with meeeee! Well, she was here for our wedding, and her birthday was the day afterwards. Great timing, because we could run around Singapore and be mega tourists, heh. We met up in the late afternoon and hit the Singapore Flyer which I actually don’t find that fascinating normally. I mean, it’s just a whopper sized ferris wheel! But we chose the perfect time to go, by sheer luck.. because the Singapore National Day Parade was on, and so we were treated to the whole spectacle of the parade below us… and fireworks later at night!

Pigging out at Carls Jr for a good feed.. mmmm…

Lovin’ it up over a burger

Some parade march for National Day

Us girls flanked by the boys

The Singapore Flyer

“Who farted?”

Say cheeeeese


Watching the Singapore National Day Parade


Butt grope!!!

Mad closeup

Views of the harbour

The Apache

Helipcopters zooming around

Hovering helicopters!

The boat performance

After that, we headed off to Kenko spa where we got Foot Reflexology. It turned out more painful than expected, I was totally expecting a soothing foot massage! But nup, they prodded and pushed at various pressure points, making us squawk and yelp. Definitely not soothing! But my legs did feel great afterwards – no pain no gain πŸ˜‰

Foot reflexlogy treatment. Soooo good after being on our feet!

The squeamish guys

A bit dubious about the whole fish spa thing

Fish spa. Eeeeeek!

We headed off to Original Sin for dinner, which I was feeling pretty nonplussed about, since it’s a………… vegetarian restaurant. Yeah, me eating vegetarian is like a lion being a vegan – just doesn’t quite work and goes against the laws of nature. We basically had to get from one end of Singapore to the other to get to the restaurant and man, it was a MASSIVE TREK!!! No taxis whatsoever beacause of the Singapore National Day Parade, so all roads were either blocked off, or completely clogged with non-moving traffic. So we had to walk about 30mins (!) to the nearest train station and then squish in with everyone else to Holland Village, where we got a taxi. However, we weren’t really clear on the location and stopped in the wrong area of Holland Village and had to walk another 20mins around trying to figure out where it was.

By the time we got to the restaurant, it was…… 10:00PM. Madness! We were starving and hot and bothered from all the walking and searching… arghhh! The staff were incredibly nice though, despite us coming so late (it was near their closing time). They were super accomodating, very friendly, and whipped out a complimentary birthday cake when I told them over the phone earlier we were celebrating a birthday!

And the food? Was pretty gobsmacked that it was REALLY GOOD. I liked how the dishes were rich with flavour, and didn’t have that flat, bland, ‘greeny’ taste that veggies have. I sampled everyone’s dishes and liked it all πŸ˜› In fact, I would actually go back – I didn’t feel like something (ie. meat) was missing in their dishes, and everything was excellent! We also had fabulous bottles of chilled white wine and stuffed ourselves to the brim. Was so fun just chatting and laughing with friends πŸ™‚

At Original Sin

Awfully chocolate cake. DELISH!!!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

A great way to celebrate Christine’s birthday! It was such a fun afternoon/evening, but yes, OUCH to the reflexology! So glad I did the fish spa though…hilarious!

A great way to celebrate Christine’s birthday! It was such a fun afternoon/evening, but yes, OUCH to the reflexology! So glad I did the fish spa though…hilarious!