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All ready to leave


I never knew, but Cosmopolitan has been banned in Singapore for 22 years (!). I read it all the time back in Australia, and didn’t realise that there wasn’t a local version in Singapore. But now, they’ve finally launched. The very first issue is out in all it’s splendid orange glory, complete with Unsuitable for the young stamped on the cover. I guess I must be admitting I’m old then, by reading it 😉

So the Cosmopolitan team paired up with the La Mer ladies to throw a decadent dinner at the White Rabbit at Dempsey. Originally an old chapel, the restaurant boasts lofty ceilings and pretty stained-glass windows. It’s all quite open-plan, with the tables and bar all together in the main area.

On this particular evening, there were lots of chatty Cosmo folk, beauty/fashion bloggers and of course the elegant La Mer team. I was really surprised that the event was a sit-down dinner, because I was expecting cocktails and canapes. And I was so so so happy it was a proper dinner, because the food was fabulous!

Homemade lavender-spiked truffles. Ooooo!
Inside White Rabbit, a converted old chapel
My dinner partner 🙂
Sitting cafe-style


The La Mer team introduced us to the benefits of the brand and how they use sea kelp to create their Miracle Broth which lies at the heart of the brand. I personally like La Mer products because of the sleek packaging, crisp products that don’t confuse, and their lovely light scents.

La Mer: beyond miraculous
Inspirational stories from women at the event


The food was an impressive 7-course meal, whipped up by the White Rabbit restaurant. Each dish came out beautifully presented and went down a treat. I went wild over the Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart dessert.. which was molten creamy dark chocolate encased in a buttery chocolate biscuit shell. It was rich but a chocoholic’s dream.

The luscious menu
The fantastic food. My favourite was the dessert!


After our meal, we proceeded to the counter with the enticing array of La Mer products. We learned that their original Creme de La Mer comes in 4 formulations, to suit your specific skin type. I personally love the gel cream  version, that comes in a luxe glass jar and smells just like a spa. It makes my skin really silky after using it and isn’t too heavy for day use.

Showcasing the famous La Mer cream, in 4 different formulations. My fave is the Gel-Cream version.
Doing a mini-facial on a volunteer


For me, I’ve used their Cleansing Gel which makes my skin feel really clean and soft, but I’m now eyeing their Cleansing Foam that I think will be even better for me. I’m also a big fan of their Refining Facial, a superb scrub with diamonds in it – it’s abrasive enough to make my skin feel smooth afterwards, but not rough so it doesn’t irritate. I’ve also used their Lipbalm before, a pretty little tub of pepperminty goodness.

But the main thing I’m after now is The Concentrate. It’s a concentrated serum that complements the skin’s natural healing process and even though I don’t have burns/scars on my face, I wonder if this elixir will really improve my skin tone. Hmmm…

Terribly tempted now to buy the full skincare regine...
Goodies from La Mer and Cosmopolitan magazine, to take home with us
The 3 of us girls 🙂

(some of the pics stolen off thebokeeffect!)

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Oooh la la. How did you get an invite to such a swanky event? Is it because you blog about fashion? Is the Singapore version tamer than the Australian version? It’s an interesting fact that Cosmo was banned.

I agree with Jessica – you have the prettiest dresses and yet they also look soooo comfy. I’ve been looking for a maxi-dress but I often find the material is synthetic whereas I think cotton would be cooler – so still looking.

Hi, love the dress your wearing… where is it from?
Btw – the food looks so yummy! Looks like you had fun 🙂
(previously signed in as uneternite, but now on my google account)

I use the Concentrate sparingly at night as a serum and love the texture of it. Shortly after I started using it, my mum commented that my skin had a glow about it…I don’t notice it myself, but that’s what she said!

Ooooh nice! It’s what I was wondering, if it’ll really improve skin with no big issues (like scars/burns)… I keep eyeing it at the counter n ow and debating whether or not I should purchase 😉