HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Living in... Singapore, Playdates SSO BABIES’ PROM 2013 16 December 2013

I was determined to bring both kids to the SSO Babies Prom 2013, because kids under 2 yrs old go free. Of course, me being me, I was delighted that it meant Carter would get to go FREE!! So I bundled both kids into the car and off we went…

Hunter is a very sit-still-and-watch kinda kid, especially when there’s something super engaging going on, so I wasn’t worried about him. I knew he’d just sit there and be well-behaved.

Carter, on the other hand, had never been to a performance before. He is also kind of renegade, and super active. I kinda feared for my sanity…

But miracles of miracles, Carter was pretty good! He sat completely still and enthralled for the first 30 minutes, and for the remaining 30 mins he got bored and fidgeted up and down, but nothing terrible and he was quite the whole time *whew*

Considering the concert isn’t as engaging as a play, I was thankful that Carter was alright. But, because of that, I do think that the SSO Babies’ Prom is more catered for kids that are at least 2 years old. Hunter enjoyed it and was pretty captivated, but I do think he would have liked a play/drama even more.



There’s a part in the middle where kids are encouraged to get up and jump and dance. To my amazement, Hunter actually did! He’s not the follow-what-people-tell-me type, and he’s often so enthralled by performances that he will just sit stock-still and not move the whole time. So I was pretty delighted and fascinated to see him bopping away by himself 😉

SSObabiesprom04 SSObabiesprom05

At the end, kids were invited to climb onto the stage to join in. And Hunter said YES he wanted to go up and actually eagerly fought his way through the crowd to get to the front! I didn’t even recognise him, LOL. He was fascinated with the instruments and wanted to get up close to them, I suppose.

And of course, since Hunter was there, Carter insisted on going up too….

SSObabiesprom06 SSObabiesprom07

The SSO Babies’ Prom occurs yearly and tickets snap up quickly, so book early. It’s not as exciting as a kids play, but is a nice introduction to the orchestra and music for young kids. Especially good if your kid is really into music!

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