Australia, HOLIDAYS, Perth PERTH: SIGHTS AND SOUNDS 11 February 2014



Ain’t that skyline of Perth just gorgeous?

I can still feel the lovely ocean breeze and taste the saltiness of the beach air. Yes, I am a city girl at heart, but the idyllic lifestyle that beckons in Perth really makes me love the place. If only I could teleport our family there every month or two for a week of sun and surf!





We had a fab time swimming in the ocean. And frolicking on the beach!

OK.. to be fair.. Carter had a fun time, but Hunter just barely tolerated it all. His tactile aversion toward sand reared its ugly head and he wasย terrified!ย Chris had the bright idea to pop socks on his feet (!!!!!!!!) when he went to the beach, but that only marginally helped.

Hunter ended up stopping crying only when he was wearing socks AND standing on a towel. Guess he’s not a born Aussie surfer ๐Ÿ˜‰






I particularly love this photo below because it captures the gorgeous Autralian sun and beach, but also because it makes me laugh at the memory of Carter merrily slapping sand alllll over the place, and Hunter sitting oh-so-gingerly on the towel – entirely sand-free. I know it’s a bit mean to laugh at his woe and horror of it all, but……. LOL!!!!!



We also spent an afternoon at the kids’ Great-nanna’s place. She lives by herself, so it was nice to spend some time with her and see her face light up when she saw the kids. They were kinda boisterous though, as they got bored sitting still after about 5 mins, and spent the rest of the time careening through her place and jumping on her bed (eek!).



Oh, and theย playgrounds. Oh, the playgrounds! They were everywhere!! And thanks to the rain-free weather, the kids had a grand ol time checking out all the playgrounds.



The most epic playground of the all was one that my gf and I brought our 5 boys to –ย Triassic Fun Park.

It was HUGE!

Similar to the multi-level playgyms in Singapore, but about four times bigger. It was pretty phenomenal for the boys and they had a fab time there. A great way to kill time on a hot afternoon.



We also spend some afternoons hanging out at my gf Karen’s place. It was super nice because my kids got some “home” time, and were in glee over allllll these new toys they could play with! They all got along pretty well too, or at least there weren’t any disastrous fisty-cuffs going on ๐Ÿ˜‰



Thisย jumping castle blew my kids’ minds. Because… IT WAS IN THE BACKYARD. Who the heck has an epic jumping castle in their back yard?!?!? Well, guess that’s possible in Perth. It’s like having your own personal play gym and such a good idea on a hot day!

What did I do?

Sit back and relax and chat, whilst the kids were thoroughly occupied outside ๐Ÿ˜‰ I totally felt like a lady-of-leisure!



So this phallic looking tree below is actually pretty special. It’s aย Boab tree, and is 750 years old!! It’s a bit of a historic icon in Kings Park (which is beautiful, by the way), so I thought it warranted a pic.



And, a rare photo of just Chris and I…. where I look super-tall thanks to the angle. Hurray!!



The sunset from our apartment. Serene and beautiful, right?



I already miss Perth.


Letโ€™s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Love that photo of Chris & both boys in the water – Hunter looks as though he’s clinging onto Chris’s arm for dear life to avoid his feet from touchy the sandy bottom!

I must be getting old. I was admiring the scenery puzzled until I realized that our winter is your summer. It’s amazing how provincial I’ve become. OK, so there’s another place I want to visit one day when I win the lottery. ๐Ÿ™‚

…which, btw, was the theme of one of my favorite films, “Endless Summer,” about two surfers from California who spent a year following summer around the world in search of a perfect wave.