FASHION, Gucci, HOLIDAYS, New York, Shopping GUCCI CHARM BRACELET 15 December 2012

For some inexplicable reason, Gucci do little girls’ jewellery. Who would spend $$ on jewellery for their little tot… only to very likely get it destroyed?!

I won’t complain though, because I discovered the kiddie stuff actually fits adults too 😀

Picked up this little Gucci silver charm bracelet.. because I am such a sucker for dangling stuff. It’s a bit childish with stars and butterflies and hearts hanging off it, but frankly I love those sort of shapes so I don’t care! They click-clack together nicely when I move my wrist and I like the solid weight of the whole bracelet.


Gucci silver charm bracelet


I actually like it styled like this, hanging on a hand bag. I’ll probably need to get one of those keychain rings to hook it onto the handles of my handbag, so the bracelet ‘drapes’ across the front of the bag (inspiration from Hermes, if you haven’t already realised that!).

Quite pretty this way, right??

What it’d look like if hanging from a handbag handles


Only problem is that the clasp is long and stiff, which makes putting the bracelet on my wrist a bit awkward – I need someone to help me with that.

The other problem is that it’s still too long for me!! Which is rather mind boggling, as do Gucci expect little girls to have massive wrists or something?? I’m planning to get it altered shorter – anyone know if Gucci do this or if I have to take it into a random jeweler?


On my wrist




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