Chanel, FASHION, Shopping CHANEL TOTE & 2.55 CLASSIC FLAP 10 December 2012


Guess where I am?


I’m in a freakin’ TOILET in the above picture, believe it or not.

Yeah.. only a Chanel boutique could make a bathroom look sexy.

So yep, there we were shopping along Madison Ave whilst we were in NYC… andΒ oh look a Chanel!Β No harm popping in there to have a squizz, right?

Didn’t realise we’d walk outta there with a bag πŸ˜›


Chanel tote with pewter hardware


The Chanel tote is a beautiful classic bag. It has lots of compartments in there, is a lovely size and shape, and in a fabulous neutral gunmetal. Love the new ‘soft caviar’ material as well. I think it looks pretty timeless, but is also very practical and sturdy for daily wear.. and so encouraged Mum to get it πŸ˜› I think it looks pretty awesome on her too, and fits nicely on her shoulder!


Outside Chanel


And my little baby is theΒ Chanel 2.55 classic flap. It’s a bag I’ve been eyeing for a loooong time, but never took the plunge, and just watched on as the price kept creeping up and up each year. Gulp! I bit the bullet and bought one from the USA and got it shipped in.

I actually got this Chanel awhile back, and a couple of you with super-eagle eyes have already spotted it in a couple of photos (you’ll see it pop up in most of my recent NYC trip posts).

It’s a simple bag, but really timeless and still suitable for when I’m much older (ie. I don’t look silly carrying it like I would carrying, say, a Balenciaga when I’m old). It’s caviar, which I ended up deciding on instead of lambskin, so that it’s more durable.

I’m loving it!

Chanel 2.55 classic flap


Really like the turnlock clasp on the silver hardware


It actually makes a nice casual bag because it’s so sleek and simple. It can be worn with the chain doubled-up, or with the chain long. Both ways look really nice, IMHO πŸ™‚


Worn with the strap doubled (ie. shorter)


Worn with the strap long, hits roughly at the hip


And a pic copied from my previous blog post, but here it is again, with the strap long


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi just wondering why you choose Silver Hardware instead of the Gold Hardware? I am in dilemna which hardware to get, as GHW is more dressy and SHW look more casual. At least to me.


Damn… mother & daughter have beautiful taste! LOL – soon the wee lads will be shopping with mum & grandma for fine accessories too. πŸ™‚

LOVE IT! esp that size is so elegant! I would also pick caviar instead of lamb! I think caviar looks much more exclusive. Also, it is more difficult to spot a fake lamb compared to caviar.

Candice and I have the same tote as you, yours is the newer version. I love the size! And Im v tempted to get another one in another colour…oops!

And oh yes, tehpeng was in the SF boutique restroom as Nat had do a dump (huh huh huh) and he took back a napkin with the Chanel logo on it. LOL!

Oo what are your versions then? I love the gunmetal colour, it’s so versatile. They have it in deep red and navy though.. both metallic as well

i didn’t see any napkins in there, or I’d have stolen a few, haha!!

one of my dream bags…but i was thinking i would rather buy a balenciaga and carry it while it is still suitable for my age then switch to chanel in future πŸ˜‰ hahahah

Hi! How do u buy from US and ship it in? I’ve been eyeing the Chanel 2.55 too! Nearly bought it in June when the Euro was low… Now I regret not getting it πŸ™

You can use for any USA purchases, they’re fab! Of course, you have to pay customs if it hits the limit for your country… doh

i bought the tote cos it’s so practical! i use it for work every day. the 2.55 i bought is too small (medium, i think!), hence only usable when we are out without the kids.

ooo the same one, and in gunmetal too? I think it’s a fantastic practical daily bag.

Heh my 2.55 is the small. I actually use it as a daily bag cos I have a big diaper bag!