I was MAD EXCITED when I saw these Rivieras unisex shoes at Elly.

Super cute loafers from France! For kids!!

And, check out this fantabulous colour-block navy/red Rivieras I picked out for Hunter (I specifically thought it looked very French):

Rivieras in navy/red


I thought the navy/red combo was AMAZING.

Hunter, did not.

My very very very discerning shoe aficionado took one look at those shoes above, sneered, and said “Girls shoes, mama. Mama’s shoes.”


I thought he was just being funny with me, so I waited it out and whipped them out again the next day, and the next, and the next. It was a no go.

And so I went back to the Elly shop, and swapped them for these (kinda boring, but very boyish) navy pair:

Rivieras in navy (already worn in by Hunter)


View from the top


He LOVED these and still wears them any chance he can get, even though they are ever-so-slightly large for him.

And I’m just so glad he grinned when he saw the colour:

Guess red isn’t his thing


The secret as to why these French shoes are so appealing is because they’re constructed with good quality and sturdy canvas. They come in a big variety of colours (to appeal to kids), and have leather-lined soles and a soft back-of-heel for comfort.

Soles with amazing grip


Monkey wanted to try them on too


What has Hunter attached to these particular shoes are the fact that he can put his own shoes on. There are no laces or velcro to fuss around with, simply slip on/off. It makes him feel like a big boy, and the proud look on his face when he manages to put them on himself is priceless!!

One shoe on!


Next shoe on!


Putting his shoes on by himself after playgroup


Cool French shoes: check. Man bag: check. Cute girl friend: check.


And this is him after my birthday lunch at Prive. We were traipsing around outdoors for quite awhile, and he didn’t complain about shoe discomfort, and since then he likes wearing them whenever we’re outdoors (and especially when he rides his scooter – I presume because the soles are so grip-py).

Hiking up the “hill”


Cool shoes, kiddo!


He considers them his “scooter shoes”


Elly and Twelve by Elly stock kids Rivieras in sz 24-35. They retail SG$89.90. Both stores are located in Cluny.

I shamelessly tried to squeeze myself into a sz 35 (their largest size) as I normally wear a 35/36, but alas they were a wee tight on me. What a bummer, I’d have been totally amused if Hunter and I had matchy-match shoes!!!

But now I’m scouring online for larger/womens sizes to buy…… (though, annoyingly, the prices with shipping are more expensive than buying the shoes at Elly!).

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Love your blog and especially the photos which are so vivid! Do you mind to share what camera and photo editor tool (the one with captions) you are using? Thanks!

I heard 21b at Forum has them!! They look liked they’d be soooo comfy for us, judging by the way Hunter’s pair has worn in so nicely

it’s soooo good he has shoes he can put on without help! i don’t get why some of our parents send their kids to Kindy in shoes with laces etc… etc… shoes they can take off but can put on does nothing for their self-help skills!

plus millions of points that they’re so swanky looking 🙂

Is it cheaper / affordable to have these ordered online and shipped to Sweden? If so, perhaps I could help bring a pair your size back to Singapore when I’m back this Dec? 🙂

Aww thanks Sarah!! I heard that some stores stock the adult sizes here in SG so I’ll take a look first and see if they stock the colours I like, at a reasonable price 😛

they def do – they come in adult womens and mens sizes! Have a look at their online store (at the very top). They all look soooo nice