Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Things my kids say... LIFE’S LITTLE QUOTES: Easter eggs and Jesus 8 March 2015



We were in the car, and I’m muttering to Chris about need to buy some plastic Easter eggs for an upcoming party. Hunter pipes up from behind.

Hunter: Mummy… what’s Easter? 

Me: Oh. It’s when Jesus died on the cross and then he rose again after 3 days. So we celebrate that… with… ermmm.. these plastic Easter eggs that we fill up with chocolate. It’s actually for a party we’re going to.

We both go quiet in the car for a minute, pondering about the slightly ridiculous pairing of this occasion. Hunter finally responds.

Hunter: Mummy. You know, I’ve never seen God. 

Me: Me neither. 

Hunter: When I see God, I’ll share all my chocolate Easter eggs with him. 

Me: That’s sweet, Hunter. I think He’d like that.

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