Carter, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Things my kids say... 10 WAYS I KNOW MY KIDS LOVE ME 4 March 2015



1) When they look at me and call my name.

Every parent knows what I’m talking about. That moment when their huge eyes gaze into yours, and they say “Mummyyyy..” And with just that one word, and that one look, the love you feel from them seems infinite. The feeling is mutual.


2) When they see me at pickup from nursery school.

I get a “Mummmmmyyyy!” when they first spot me, and then the quick scamper of legs as they run out as quickly as they can – straight into my arms. Their faces are beaming with happiness and their bodies are quivering with excitement – all because we are reunited after a few hours apart.


3) When they bring back a little gift for me.

Hunter, when he goes out for a walk, collects wildflowers that he stuffs into his pockets. When he returns, he lays them all out nicely on the table, so I can come and admire his “flower art”.

Carter likes to make me “a cup of coffee” in the afternoon, after he wakes up from his nap. He sticks a spoon into his toy cup, brings it to me, and says “Careful, Mummy. It’s really hot. Make sure you blow first.” It’s always my favourite (and tastiest!) cup of coffee of the day 😉


4) When they cry when I shout at them.

I am pretty tolerant, but once I snap, I completely lose it. I shout and scream and my eyes can shoot daggers. That’s when they know I’m really mad and they cry. Not a sulky cry, not an angry cry, but this very specific Mummy-doesn’t-love-me-anymore-I’m-all-alone soulful and yearning sob. It’s like their heart can’t take the pain, so the mummy instinct in me scoops them up for a cuddle -even before I realise what I’ve just done and am still feeling angry with them!


5) When they wake up from their nap.

There is nothing cuter (IMHO) than a little boy with mussed-up hair, rubbing his sleepy eyelids, and stretching his arms up after a luxurious nap. Especially when he then searches the room and spots you, and his face breaks out in this eyes-half-open content grin, complete with a “Mummy, cuddle”. I never decline.


6) When they’re tired, upset, cranky, or all of the above.

Because nobody can soothe them, hug them, kiss them, and make them feel better like I can. Fact.


7) When they declare how much they miss me.

After seeing me again, I’m rewarded with bums plonked onto my lap, and heads burrowed into my chest for a cuddle. Carter tells me “Miss my Mummy…” and Hunter will announce to people “I’m just thinking of my Mummy’s face” when I’m not around.


8) When they tell me what will happen in the future.

According to my boys, they will (both!) marry me when they come of age. But since they also understand they’re supposed to marry someone that’s not actually their own mother, Hunter came up with a fabulous solution. “It’s OK, Mummy. I’ll get married, but you’ll sleep in the bed with us. So we can still cuddle!”
But what happens when he grows way taller than me and I can’t carry him anymore? “No problem, Mummy”, says Hunter. “I’ll still bend down and cuddle you.” How magnanimous of you, darling 😉

9) When they like to snuggle onto “Mummy’s side” of the bed.

Not Daddy’s side, Mummy’s side. Commence the burrowing happily under the donna, and snuggling onto my pillow, face beaming with happiness.

10) Their last words to me at bedtime.

As I walk out and close their bedroom door gently behind me, I hear a chorus of “I love you, mama” from both of them. It’s the last thing they say to me – every day. And it makes my whole day.

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