I’ve found my holy grail of under-eye makeup!! 

This combo that I’m using (more on them later) really does erase most of my dark circles and brightens the area, IMHO. Plus, it does not budge, the staying power is absolutely incredible, even in Singapore’s humidity where almost all makeup slides off by the end of the day.

I’m so pleased I’ve neglected all my other concealers and highlighters now 😛

So this is what I’m using….



bareMinerals BB primer-cream

Actually I use this all over the face, as my base ‘makeup’, and set it with a bit of loose powder. It doesn’t really give coverage, but is nice to even out the skin tone and is sufficient if you have Normal skin. It has a very silicone-y texture, so those with oily skins may not like it. Me? I have combination skin and use it sparingly, and setting it with powder does help.

bareMinerals Well-Rested cc eye primer

This baby is good. REALLY good. The twist-up tube applies on silky smooth, and with a deliciously cool touch. It sinks in instantly and primes the eye area for any concealer afterwards (and really does make it last longer). If you don’t have dark circles, this is actually sufficient as it brightens up the eye area.

bareMinerals Well-Rested powder concealer

So if you’re ‘blessed’ with killer dark eye circles like myself, nothing comes close to this doozy. And, believe me, I’ve tried almost every concealer in the market. I use the accompanying eyeshadow brush to buff the loose powder concealer on my dark circles, and they vanish! Plus, because it’s powder-based (and not a cream concealer), it doesn’t crease, doesn’t cake, and looks ultra smooth. It’s freaking awesome.




K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank

Then I apply this to the inner corners and bottom inner-lash line. It comes with an essence on one end (which I don’t use), and a sponge tip on the other with this shimmer powder. It’s easy to apply and lasts through the day, which is why I love it. Technically, it was designed to be drawn ON your eye bags (?!) to enhance them (?!).. but I use it as an eyeliner-highlighter and reckon it looks awesome that way.



Ta da! Fresh eyes with no trace of dark circles or haggardness.

Juuuust kidding. 

That’s Hunter au naturale, with ZERO eye makeup (obviously). It’s kinda unfair how I have to apply 5 or so products on just my eye area to even vaguely get myself into the same league as him!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Thank you for the recommendataion and I shall give it a try as I have pretty bad dark circle too.
Your skin looks really good and smooth even before the make up so don’t think you need any make up at all!!!

BTW, what brand would you recommend for mascara and blusher?

That combo of products truly is super good! I’m very satisfied 🙂

I use Dolly Wink mascara (Japanese) and Chanel creme blush.. both last for ages. I’m a big fan of no-budge makeup!