Copenhagen, Family, FASHION, Hermes, HOLIDAYS, Loewe, Shopping COPENHAGEN: SHOPPING TIME! 14 July 2013


Melissa glittery pink ballet flats


Yep. I was planning to do some shopping whilst in Copenhagen. And so my Melissa ballet flats were my shoes of choice. They are ultra comfy, very breathable (obviously) and kinda cute! They served me well. No blisters, no pain, and just comfy walking. And hooboy we did a LOT of walking in Copenhagen! Probably the reason why I didn’t put on any weight after the holidays – I’d walked off all the extra calories we consumed 😉

I guess it was just my wishful thinking that I’d get much time to shop.. because obviously we didn’t. 2 kids aren’t exactly great shopping buddies and so I only got a snippet of it, maybe once or twice.

It was a shame, as it was HUGE SALE time in Copenhagen and the fashion there is great! And, luxury brands (European ones, anyway) are a lot cheaper too.

Guess it was a good thing I didn’t really have time to shop….. my bank account thanked me 😉

Outside one of the large shopping malls


I LOVED this shop front! Hilarious.


Bigggggg discounts on all the luxury brands, both for adults and kids.


Was tempted to buy every single thing in this picture.


This store offered comfy chairs, iPads, and vitamin water… all complimentary! Tops.


Super soft lambskin pouches I bought, one for myself, the rest as gifts


Our new shoes! My Repetto sandals were on sale for $150. They retail here for about 4-5x more. My theory is that they were so heavily discounted because they are in this most LURID shade of neon coral, which no one would wear. Well, except me.


This lambskin Loewe was in a gorgeous ombre shade and I adored it!


Hermes animals. Actually I have no idea what the point of them were.


Hunter wellington boots! Loved the orange and turquoise (my fave colours), but impractical for Singapore I think..


Whimsical homewares. I’d have bought the whole shop if I could!


We also stumbled upon an outdoor market near Nyhaven. It sold lots of knick knacks and cute little treasures. I liked the jewellery stuff most and picked up some earrings for just a few dollars 🙂

Outdoor markets


Dangling earrings that I bought


Pretty tea towels


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I can’t believe Repettos are so expensive in Asia! I’ve found the ballet flats on sale in the US for as low as $50 and typically get them for a little over $100 during sample sales or end of the season sales. Never seen this coral sandal in the states. They look lovely on you.