FASHION, Louis Vuitton LOUIS VUITTON SILK SCARF TOP 17 September 2014


Look at my two boys, sitting so obediently and nicely whilst I shop! It’s a real sight for (a mum’s) sore eyes 😉

*total gloating moment*

So anyway, we were out shopping in the city and I spotted the prettiest thing!



It’s designed to look just like a scarf, that you’ve folded over and just worn. But it has added shoulder straps so the whole thing doesn’t slip off (especially useful because my kids have a bit of a penchant for yanking on my tops). The silk is sooooo soft and the colours are so vibrant. Major LOVE.



I personally thought it looks really flattering on, because the silk kinda ‘cinches’ in at the waist a bit, so it gives you some curves. I like the crisp look it gives when paired with plain white shorts 🙂



This is the back view. It really looks like a simple scarf that’s tied as a top, right? Only downside is that it’s a bit…. errrr… brief, especially if I’m wearing it around the city. It’s more of (glam) beachwear, IMHO!

Or I suppose it could be carried off on a skinny little 20 year old prancing around the city 😉

Not so much on a middle-aged mum, dragging her kids through the city. So, I’m relegating it to special occasions (perhaps paired with a slinky silk maxi skirt?) or for beachside holidays.

Or staycations!


PanPacificStaycation05PanPacificStaycation06 PanPacificStaycation12

It looks awesome – breezy, carefree and lovely – in a hotel setting IMHO! Maybe we should go on more staycations or holidays then…. *hint hint* Chris!



Oh, and these are my boys at the end of my shopping trip. Haha!


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