FASHION, Jewellery POMELLATO JEWELS 20 September 2014


If you haven’t heard of Pomellato, I suggest you don’t go look them up 😉

I discovered them recently and was swooning!!!

What makes them really special is the smoothness and curves of their jewellery. Everything is incredibly smooth and shiny, and I adore how the gems are all cabochon-cut smooth orbs.

And look at all their candy colours!

I was particularly entranced with the M’ama Non M’ama earrings, in solid rose gold with blue london topaz. I stared at them. I stroked them. I lusted after them.

But they cost US$1,200. Per earring. 

Then I also fell in love with the Nudo earrings. At least those came in a pair! But then they cost……. US$6,100….. *gulp*

Well, at least I can look at pictures of them online and fantasize!!

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