Events GIVEAWAY: Win one of two $20 vouchers to Pupsik Studio! 1 August 2014

Win one of two $20 vouchers to Pupsik Studio - Beverly's Net

Pupsik Studio is well-known among parents in Singapore. Helmed by the lovely SuLing, herself mother to two girls, Pupsik Studio (meaning “baby doll” in Russian) offers an impressive variety of baby goods, clothing, toys and parent aids. Their international brand lineup consists of heavyweights like BabyBjorn and Tommee Tippee, as well as nice boutique brands like Snoozebaby and Tip Toey Joey.

If you’re after a speedy online shopping experience with free shipping (!) and an easy exchange policy, Pupsik Studio stands at one of the best home grown sites that boast these.

But the best bit?


Pupsik Studio are giving away two $20 vouchers (valid storewide) to two lucky winners!

a Beverly’s Net giveaway

You can submit some of the entries more than once a day, so come back tomorrow to get more entries in the draw.

Giveaway will run from 1-10 August 2014 inclusive.
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It’s dangerously easy to shop on Pupsik Studio. Click, click, click and BAM! You’re done. Best bit? You earn points that you can redeem for freebies. Very few local online sites offer this, so I personally found it really enticing. I’m a repeat customer of Pupsik Studio, and I’ve redeemed a free wet wipe case before!

But, this time, I got the kids an OXO Tot divided plate (psssst! It’s on sale at the moment!!)


OXOplates01 OXOplates02

The reason I love love love this plate is because it’s a fully fledged kickass self-feeding plate. In my opinion, it is ESSENTIAL if you have a baby/toddler that is learning to self-feed.

The OXO plate has a ‘lip’ that you clip on (the coloured bit), which means that when your child scoops food with their spoon, that ‘lip’ ensures the food falls back onto the spoon instead of pushing out onto the table – I get sooo annoyed when this happens with our regular kids plates! 



The bottom of the OXO plate is also non-slip, so the plate doesn’t slide around when your child is scooping. It’s seriously awesome! I love it!


OXOplates04 So this is Hunter, having his standard meal (he has this a few times a week). I also really like how OXO plates are divided, because my kids like eating their food separately – bento box style. Here’s Hunter eating steamed sweet potato, fresh avocado, and poached salmon. 



And here’s Carter scooping up his food, this time he’s having (also a very standard meal for them) a bento box style of vegemite toast, poached salmon, cheddar cheese cubes, and hard boiled egg.

When they have Chinese food, I simply pop in rice, and a meat, and a veg.. all in the separate areas. My kids are very very fond of their OXO plates simply because they can feed themselves, and it presents the food in a cute way (since it’s all separated, so they like checking out each section to see what’s for lunch/dinner).

Thanks Pupsik Studio!


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