Here’s Hunter living a child’s (and many adults) dream – a visit to the LEGO office!

He was pretty shell-shocked when we arrived, hence why he looks frozen to the spot in the photo above. And then he tried to pinch a couple of LEGO bricks on the way out!



The experience made such a mark on him that, a few days later at breakfast, he was still recounting his visit to the LEGO office!

Previously, we didn’t own any ‘big boy’ LEGO . We did own some Duplo, but Hunter displayed near zero interest in them. I suppose he didn’t quite get the point of stacking Lego bricks or building animals and houses/shapes from bricks.

The thing is, ‘big boy’ LEGO is meant for kids 7 years old and up. Hunter is just 3 years old.

So I was seriously wondering if he would just chuck the whole thing aside, or actually be interested.

But…. oh man… he was FASCINATED!! I think the fact that it was the LEGO City series, with vehicles (his first love) that made him froth at the mouth when he was presented with the gigantic box during our visit to the LEGO office. He insisted on carrying the huge box as we walked back to the car, and then pestered Chris and I for days until the weekend arrived and Chris cracked it open for him.

This is what he built – a LEGO helicopter, complete with moving parts!


Okay I’ll be honest. Chris did 99% of the building, not Hunter. But to his credit, Hunter was very patient, ‘helping’ Daddy out wherever he could, and was totally focused on the task at hand the entire time.

So here’s the closeup of our LEGO helicopter! The set also builds a jeep and other assorted stuff, but the helicopter really is the pièce de résistance. Obviously, right, considering I look so incredibly pleased with it below 😉



Hunter can do simple things like fix it back together if a piece falls off, but the main building activity definitely is beyond 3-year-old him. Despite that, his sheer interest in vehicles makes this an ideal activity for bonding time, and he was pretty amazed that bricks could build something so extravagant.

LegoCity03 LegoCity04 LegoCity05


So here’s the article I wrote for Yahoo!, Ideas for games and activities at home for kids. Hope it gives you some fun ideas 🙂




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Ohhhhh, lego~ This was a real obsession of mine when I was a kid, and I’m a girl :p. I still remember that my parents would look so smug whenever the three-year-old me could complete building a lego set :p. Those were small and simple sets though 😉
Btw, this is not relevant but I adore Hunter’s eye lashes :).