Events BACK TO THE LAND OF THE LIVING! (+ discount code for Beauty Cleanse) 11 April 2014

First day back in the real world!

My 3-day detox with Beauty Cleanse is over and I am ready to PAAAARRRTYYYY! *shakes pompoms*


I don’t actually feel like eating. 

So I make myself a glass of warm water with fresh lemon squeezed in, since I’ve learned from the detox that that’s the best way to start the day. Still unsure of what the hell to do with myself, I grab a banana and munch on half of it whilst I drive my kids to school, then toss the other half into the bin.

Then I head to Bodytec for my workout!

I actually feel pretty fantastic at the end of it, and my muscles feel all deliciously exercised. I have a couple of glasses of water to replenish.


It’s 10:30AM by now, and now I’m starting to feel hungry. Except I’m really unsure as to what I can eat!! I head to a cafe with a girl friend, but almost all the food options there are a no-go, as advised by the Beauty Cleanse team. After a detox, you’re supposed to introduce food back into your system slowly and mindfully. This means eating lots of raw fruit and veg, salads, and fish. No fried, no oily, no sugar, no processed, no red meat, etc etc.

*sad face*

So I end up ordering a poached salmon served with roasted butternut squash. I eat half of each before I feel it all sit in the bottom of my stomach like a pile of weights. I take the other half of my meal back home.

I also get a coffee, but, it’s a Soy flat white with NO SUGAR. I’d have laughed in your face 3 days ago, if you told me I’d ever order and drink this kind of coffee. But I do it and barely blink. And I have my coffee with no sugar for the first time in my life!!! It actually tastes just great. My body doesn’t crave sugar anymore. How weird is that? I’m also immune to the luscious looking molten chocolate cake sitting right there, as well as the buttermilk waffles with vanilla ice cream that the lady next to us is scoffing down.

Seriously. I don’t even recognise myself anymore!


Anyhoodle, Beauty Cleanse are being fab and offered a giveaway of the exact detox that I did!

There’s also a cool 15% discount code for any of their detox plans available.



Am I gonna turn into one of them holier-than-thou healthy eating, healthy living (and super annoying) kinda girls?


Only a matter of time before I get back on my junk food wagon 😀 But, I’m way more in tune with and aware of what I put into my body!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I had a gastro attack and didn’t eat for a few days and I was surprised that I was immune to all the things I usually love- chocolates and sweet things! But of course I’m back to my normal routine now of eating a Tim tam before bed as a treat after a long day looking after the kids! Haha