We first visited the Singapore Science Centre about two months ago, and loved it so much we promptly bought the Annual Family Membership! For $65, we’ve already recovered our money since we’ve been back a couple of times since 🙂

“Can we goooo yet??”


The highlight of their trip there are these green push-em cars. They already know where these cars are parked, and make a mad beeline STRAIGHT for them! At $4 a pop, it’s not too bad an investment for an afternoon of car-riding. (non members have to pay $6)

The concept of “taking turns” is a bit hard with these two, but no way can I push two cars around at the same time!


There’s so much stuff to press, throw, pull, and play with at the Science Centre that the kids are kept busy for ages. Hunter is 2.5 years old and Carter is 14 months, and even at their young ages, they still are kept fascinated for the afternoon.

Pressing the “big red button” to start the flame burner


Super long echo tunnel


Gears – all Hunter needs to keep him happy!


This play-on-perspectives was meant to make Hunter and I look the same size. It sorta worked (he does look bigger) but not really! 


One of the kids’ fave exhibits – for obvious reasons


Was pretty surprised Hunter had the guts to cross this by himself


Ball + ramp = very happy boy


Awesome inventions!


What I’ll look like when I’m old, apparently. *gak*


The tessler lightning show is super duper loud. Hunter was terrified!


Cuddled up on Daddy. He’s a bit emotionally scarred by that lightning show and still gets nervous when we approach the area (even though it’s not on)


Personally, I reckon the Sound Show is the best part. It’s held on weekdays at 11AM (pretty sure it’s also available at other times/days, but this is the one we always go to), and is AWESOME. Incredibly informative, so engaging for the kids, and hilarious!!! The guys are simply sooooo funny! Man. I was in stitches. Yes, I was that crazy lady that is laughing hysterically, and people are giving sideways glances at her wondering “wow, what did SHE have for breakfast?”

 The light and sound show


The Singapore Science Centre is seriously good. I’ve only captured maybe 5% of what’s there. There’s heaps more. They have live animals, hatching chicks (the kids love this!), an eco garden, water play park, etc etc. It’s totally worth the trip.

If you haven’t been yet….. GO!!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

My girls were terrified of the lightning show too! We didn’t know it was going to be THAT loud, so we had a shock and had to run away from the rest of the show.. haha..

I think it’s for way way older kids, and wish they’d given us warning!
That said, Carter slept soundly through the whole thing. Go figure……

Thanks for the great writeup 🙂 I haven’t been to the Science Centre since I was a student myself! Will bring the boys soon – I wanna see the hatching chicks!