Shopping BRANDSFEVER LOVE 23 August 2011


Got my order from Brandsfever and am so impressed. Swift delivery with a smile, great packaging and a hand-written and personalized Thank You note. Impressed.

I got Mastrad silicon bakeware so I can bake/cook more with the oven my parents gave us. In awesome magenta no less πŸ˜›


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

The first time I purchased from them, the items were delivered right at my doorstep and I didn’t pay any customs duties. But this time, I need to claim the item in our postal office and they are asking me to pay for 800 pesos before releasing it.

I already emailed brandsfever but until now I haven’t received a reply.

They told me before that “You will not have to pay any extra charges due to custom tax as we will bear all cost”, that’s the exact message I got from them.

Hi Beverly!

I’ve been receiving lots of negative feedbacks about Brandsfever,ph. If I purchased a watch worth P2,000.00 would it cost a large custom duty? The site failed to mention that they would be coming from SG. Any feedback regarding delivery period? thanks!

I have no idea as I don’t live in the Philippines, but in Singapore we get charged customs if we import in goods over SG$400. Think you’d better ask them?

Hi Beverly,

In your case, have you paid custom tax? I purchased a watch worth 2.5k from brandsfever and I’m wondering if I’ll paying anything else. Thanks!

just want to share this to be transparent to Brandsfever customers. I bought a Jacinto and Lirio bag from for the price of Php6,850.00. Just today I received a phone call from customs that the I need to pay a total of Php3,100.00 for customs tax and storage fee. Its okay if they made it clear before I finalized my purchase but they didn’t. They just said that for purchases above P3,000.00 – the shipping fee is free. Now I am paying a total of Php 10,000.00 for a bag. I don’t consider that a steal. It is nice that you were able to have a good experience with Brandsfever, but for me, never again. πŸ™

Oh! This is the regulation for importing goods over a certain value into your country- it’s not a Brandsfever thing, it’s if you buy from anywhere.

It’s why not all sites say that, because customs duties vary depending on you country and it is the responsibilty of the buyer and not the seller. Some sites will remind you that you may get hit with Customs but many wont since it has nothing to do with them.

I was caught a long time ago too, when I first started shopping for luxury goods online. So I had to learn the hard way too doh.

Thanks Beverly. I do understand. Its just that the website is under .ph domain and prices are under philippine peso. They didnt tell that the product will be coming from a different country. I had been doing online purchases before but this is the first time I encountered that I am going to be hit with a customs tax separately, on which as a online business, atleast they should be responsible to tell, atleast on a fine print that the purchase may subject to taxes outside brandsfever since the product will be coming outside the country. I made online purchases from some US online stores before and I am informed upon checkout how much I will be paying for customs tax. Maybe I expected much from a store that carries good brands.

It’s ok that I might be hit with customs tax upon purchase, as long as its informed.

Ahh yeah they should’ve mentioned it was being shipped from international then. Perhaps you can explain it to them in this case, and get a full refund (assuming you don’t want to buy the bag at the ‘new’ price?)