Carter, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE MY….. BOYS? 2 September 2014

My kids haven’t had a haircut in… well, I can’t even remember when! But it got to a stage where the hair behind their ears and at their necks was growing longer and longer, and curling at the ends.

It also got to a stage where Carter, in particular, kept being mistaken for a girl – over and over again – by strangers! This was kind of a big deal, considering Carter is super boy-ish.

So I tried tying up their hair.



Hunter was rather delighted with his coconut tree! He declared it himself a real fire engine! Complete with a real fire hose and water coming out from the top of his head!

He was so pleased he asked for his hair to be tied up many times after that. Haha.



And…. Carter sported some pigtails!

I like this photo because he just looks so sweetie pie and placid in it.



Actually, this was mostly his reaction. He was wholly unimpressed and spent the entire time whining “NOooooooo GIRL HAIR!!!!” and madly grabbing at his pigtails, trying to pull them out.

And it was there and then that I discovered the best discipline technique for Carter. All I’d have to do over the next few days was to threaten “I’ll tie your hair up and give you GIRL HAIR” and he’d immediately do as he was told.




In fact, it worked so well that he was a bonafide ANGEL when it came to hair cut time, because I pointed out that if he didn’t cut his hair short, it’d be long enough for…… GIRL HAIR! 

He promptly sat down quietly and got his hair cut.

I think he looks pretty dapper now! (and so far, no one has asked if he’s a girl).



Here’s Hunter, having his own hair cut. I like this photo because I think his hair and doe-eyed expression makes him look a bit like a Precious Moments doll:



Kinda, right?! 😛


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