FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore BRUNCH AT LATE PLATE 20 December 2012

Late Plate
11 Kent Ridge Drive
#01-03 Shaw Foundation Alumni House
PRICE: $$$
RATING: ???–

It’s pretty novel to have a cafe nestled away in a university! Mum told me about Late Plate a few months ago, which I’d never heard of before, and I’ve been eager to try it out ever since. You really do need to hunt a bit for it, since there isn’t exactly large signage outside, but the little cafe is actually quite spacious with a lovely open area outside.

Chalkboard menu


They do a lovely latte. Though, I was pretty shocked to see it arrive in a teeny tiny glass for the price. To give them credit, they do put out large jugs of warm and cold water that diners can help themselves to – thumbs up for that.

A very small (but good) latte


Hunter was angel-child throughout. Mainly because we were very lucky and there were guys tree cutting just outside the large glass windows. SCORE! Hunter, being the vehicle-and-construction-crazy boy, was absolutely fascinated watching the guys go up and down in the contraption, and sawing the trees, and watching the branches come crashing down.

“Loooook! Guy up in the tree!”


The lady at the cashier was polite, but nowhere near warm or friendly. Surprising for someone in a customer service roll in a cafe that isn’t busy at all. There was also a guy waiter there, that noticed when I dropped by teaspoon but couldn’t be bothered to pick it up (not that I expect him to immediately, but it does impress me when waiters are sharp enough to notice!). When I picked it up myself, he also didn’t offer to bring me a new one, but just looked away. I had to go up to him to ask for a new teaspoon, but he did oblige with no issues.

I thought their best dish was the Eggs benedict on kalamanta rosemary scones with citron hollandaise and smoked ocean trout. The scones were so tasty! Much better than the traditional english muffins. The poached eggs were cooked to perfection – oozing gooey yellow yolks. I would’ve loved more hollandaise sauce, but overall the dish was delicious and I’d get this again anytime.

Eggs benedict on kalamanta rosemary scones with citron hollandaise and smoked ocean trout


We also had the Wild mushroom pasta with garlic and fresh herbs, tossed baby spinach leaves and Parmesan. This was the most reasonably priced at under $12, and for that reason is a recommended dish. It’s modestly sized, but does include lots of mushrooms which makes up for it. It’s a subtle and simple dish that is actually quite nice.

Wild mushroom pasta with garlic and fresh herbs, tossed baby spinach leaves and Parmesan


There was also a seasonal dish that we ordered.. something about Pan-seared snapper fillet. I thought this was merely so-so. The fish fillets were pretty thin, and had bones in them! Isn’t the point of a fillet to be bone free? It also meant I had to be super careful when feeding Hunter some 🙁 Apart from that, the dish was alright. Nothing spectacular, but nothing awful either.

Pan-seared snapper fillet


Carter was pretty chill the whole time, since we scored their fabulous table with sofas. Love that when you have kids! So I could just prop him up in the corner of the sofa and he was a happy chappy watching us. He likes being ‘in the social circle’, so as long as he’s included, he doesn’t give me grief 😉

“You guys all eat and drink… and all I get is a teether?!”


Hunter, absolutely delighted with the tree-cutters outside!


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