Chris, Uncategorized A FAMILY AGAIN 28 June 2011

Little bear, Mama bear, Big bear

Chris came back (early) yesterday morning at about 2AM.. and I couldn’t be happier. Things just aren’t quite right when half of you is missing πŸ™ Hunter’s been lovely all week (whew) so at least that’s a relief, but nothing beats having our little family all together again.

Hunter’s gurgles of delight and expressive face when he saw Chris in the morning when he woke up was priceless. He really did miss his Daddy!

I reckon the Sophie The Giraffe company ought to use Hunter
as their model in TV ads, since he loves it so much. Heh!!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I love his laughs!! At how many weeks did he start laughing? Enoch has laughed maybe once or twice, but that was more than a week ago, and we’ve been trying to coax him to laugh since then :S