FASHION, Jewellery, Shopping CATBIRD JEWELLERY 21 October 2013

My latest obsession and indulgence – Catbird.

Think long and hard before clicking that link… especially if you’re like me and a sucker for dainty, pretty jewellery. Catbird is a blackhole for your wallet!!!

I don’t even remember how I discovered them, but somehow stumbled upon their website when I was clicking around on the internet. I was completely captivated by how pretty everything was.

Only problem?

Pretty much everything I clicked was expensive. REALLY expensive.

And this is the downside of Catbird. I personally don’t think they’re very affordable.

That said, based on the stuff I’ve bought, the quality is absolutely top-notch, and and it’s all GORGEOUS. (obviously I chose their ‘cheaper’ stuff, since I’m not willing to drop several thousand bucks for just one piece of jewellery that I order online)


Free tote bag with my order


Super skinny STAR ring. I just love it, ’nuff said.


On my ring finger




Opal ring. My #1 favourite purchase. (photo from catbird)


photo 2
My opal ring and star ring


Emerald chain earrings (photo from catbird)


photo 1
My Emerald chain earrings and opal ring


Of course, now I’m coveting a LOT MORE on their site. But I don’t think I’ll be buying any of them in the near future! Unless there is some miracle 70% off sale!

Emerald and diamond ring *FAINT* (photo from catbird)


Opal necklace (to match my opal ring!) (photo from catbird)


Storybook letter earrings (photo from catbird)


Marquise twig ring (photo from catbird)


Twig ring with diamond (photo from catbird)




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