Shopping ELEVATE – your personal brain training app 23 December 2014

Elevate App for iPhone


I discovered a new app that I really wanna share with you! (it was actually introduced to me by my gf, who recommended it, I wasn’t clever enough to discover it myself ok šŸ˜› )

It’s called Elevate: your personal grain trainer.

As a SAHM, I always have the sneaking suspicion that my vocabulary and brain cells in general have reduced by about 80%. I just tend to use the same ol words every day “stop!” “can you hurry?”, “hunterrrrr”, “carrrrrterrrr”, etc. That’s about the extent of my vocab. Brain power in terms of organization isĀ top notch, I admit – I run the household like a really well oiled machine and nothing escapes my notice. I’m proud of that! But in terms of.. errrrr… everything else, it’s just crap because I don’t use those areas of my brain anymore.

So I was really happy to find out about Elevate – because it really, umm, forces me to THINK!

I think this app isĀ excellent for anyone – from working people that want to exercise their brain more, SAHM that feel they’ve lost heaps of brain cells post-child birth, and even retirees that feel their brain cells are crumbling away year after year.

So this is what it looks like (it’s FREEĀ to download yaaaaayyyyy!!):


Elevate App for iPhone

The premise is simple – just use it at least 4 times a week to train your brain. Shall we start?


Elevate App for iPhone

You kick off with a few simple questions so they can figure out where you’re at. I don’t know if my stats are on the high or low side okay, so please don’t go and save this image and refer back to it when you do yours, so you can either gloat that you’re smarter than me or get annoyed if you’re not.

I found itĀ hilarious thatĀ SpeakingĀ is the one I’m best at. HA HA HA. Guess that’s the skill I use most šŸ˜‰

Unfortunately,Ā Listening is the one I’m worst at. Cringe. It’s kinda clear evidence I can’t deny that I like to talk but am not good at listening to people, right?! Actually I already know this, and I do try to work on it. But anyhoodle, that is my true self I guess. Can’t hide from it but can only try and fix it!

So after the initial test, I JUMPED STRAIGHT INTO IT.


Elevate App for iPhone

This is what the test are like. Very straightforward and easy to understand what to do, and easy to do on your phone. It has cute little gesture sounds and things are snappy, so it’s quite fun.


Elevate App for iPhone

And you get a score at the end! The aim is to improve each time, and you do different exercises each time.


Elevate App for iPhone

This is your PerformanceĀ DashboardĀ – mine is at the initial stage (this screen shot was taken after the 1st day) and I’m in the process of building it up.

If you get the PRO Upgrade version, you can hook up with your friends and compare progress. But you have to pay for it and I’m a cheapo so I haven’t yet. Plus, I’m not sure if I wanna compare with people. I’m the sort of annoying competitive person where I’ll get all up in arms about comparing!! Better not go there šŸ˜‰

Anyway – go download Elevate! It’s really good. And at least you’re doing something positive for your brain, instead of mindlessly playing those Facebook/iPhone games right…..

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