Birthdays, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE HUNTER’S 2ND BIRTHDAY PARTY 27 January 2013

The following blog post is unabashedly chockers with photos. You have been warned.


Hunter’s party invitation


Hunter’s 2nd birthday party was… in the exact same location as last year, in a club in Sentosa. We picked the same place again because we thought it was a brilliant location last year, the staff there are outstanding, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I also liked the fact that I ‘knew’ the area and could plan accordingly. I’m seriously considering using this location for all of Hunter’s birthday parties 😛 It’s quite nice having something consistent each year, right?

The only super sucky thing this year was that…. IT RAINED. The entire time. Considering the point of the location is an outdoor pool party (ie. chairs and tables are INSIDE the pool), this was a pretty gigantic setback. I was soooo upset I wanted to cry!! I’d envisioned all the kiddies prancing around in the water, everyone sitting inside and chilling out, etc. But it was a total wash out 🙁

On the bright side, Hunter still really enjoyed himself tottering around with all his little friends, and merrily eating away. So for that reason alone, the party was a success.


Welcome to the choo-choo party!


The theme? No brainer. Thomas the Tank Engine. Probably not the best for all his girl friends, but I kept it really brightly coloured with lots of reds, so hopefully they weren’t too disdainful at the choice of theme 😉 Thanks to the amazing staff, everything was set up within about half hour – very impressed!

Party tables


Closeup of the kids table


I went the lazy route and bought Thomas goody bags, instead of being a fabulously creative Mum and making them herself. We stuffed them with treats and lots of little Thomas knick knacks. And for the boys, they each got a toy truck. For the girls, hair clips or a hair band.

Party favour bags


What went inside the goody bags


The party itself actually passed by in a blur for me. I was trying to oversee stuff and make sure all the kids were OK, as well as chatting with my girl friends. I loved seeing all of Hunter’s little friends all together! Hunter had a great time with no meltdowns, and spent most of the time marching up and down and being the boss of the party. LOL.

Carter, mesmerized by Thomas


Hunter, somehow convincing Dad, Carter and Chris to march behind him. LOL at all of them wearing red – unintentional!


Hunter and his (3 month older) girl friend having a grand ‘ol time rocking away

The sailor boy


Boys in blue


Strawberry shortcake


Kids chowing down


Caught eating a fry! Argh. Well, I guess it IS his birthday party..


Everyone got free-flow of candy floss and popcorn at the party. I don’t think candy floss is very common in Singapore, because most of the kids there had no idea what it was! So most didn’t touch it, only the older kids did. And me.

The popcorn was awesomesauce. All fluffy and lightly sweetened. I loved it! Ended up eating 2.5 bags worth of it…. *burp*

Yum yum!




Hunter looking surprisingly happy, for someone whose popcorn is being stolen by a giant evil hand..


With 2 of my yummy mummy friends. And a cute baby butt.


My preggers cousin with Spiderman


OK none of the kids are fussed with the camera, but I think Carter’s expression is hilarious 😉


Cake cutting!


Closeup. Seeing Hunter’s expression made it worth every penny!


Singing “Happy Birthday”

A family pic, albeit with both kids trying to scramble off


We tried to get the kids to take a photo! Unfortunately we missed out on a ton of other kids there and forgot to re-take it later.. doh. Still, I like it 🙂


We are… erm.. still in the process of opening presents. We’re trying to give him one present every 2-3 days.. I figure if he opens up every one, he’ll probably play with all of them for a few mins each then get over it. I prefer him to FOCUS on one present at a time and appreciate it properly. He’s a very blessed little boy though, and he received so many thoughtful and spot-on gifts from his relatives and friends!


Thank you for all the wonderful presents, aunties and uncles!



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Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

it didn’t even matter that we got rained out! it felt like sunshine all round! thanks for having us!! the candy in the goody bag was awesome! we ate them on behalf of our little sailor boy!

p.s. i love that picture of your boys marching!! they’re the cutest!!

Looks fun! The Thomas theme should be ok for girls too, as our girls love their Thomas table & train set 🙂
Candy floss is common here, (we often call it “cotton candy” in Canada).. I remember when Siena had it the first time… she loved it
Too bad it rained, but glad the party was a success!! Happy Birthday Hunter! Choo Choo!! 🙂

fortunate you don’t live in Canada.. a rainy day is nothing! an outdoor pool party this time of year would be affected by ice, snow, wind, and sub-zero temperatures! lol 😛