Birthdays, Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Hunter's progress HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, HUNTER! 26 January 2013

Doing his “Aren’t I such a pensive model” thing


Hunter. Oh Hunter! How to sum up your 2 year old update/progress in just one blog post?

My delightful, charming, willful, maddening 2 year old.

My absolute darling and my first-born child.

The one that, from birth, was very kind to us as new parents.. willingly and quickly sleeping through the night, ate well, had a delightfully laid-back and placid personality… and generally made us think “Hey! This parenthood business ain’t that hard”.


That changed once he hit ~18 months. Bring on the Terrible Twos. Wow. I wasn’t sure what happened to my angel child.. who was angelic at times, but could turn into a devil in a SPLIT SECOND. Sometimes I wasn’t quite sure (and this still happens now) if I was supposed to discipline immediately, or better not to bring attention to it (negative reinforcement and all) and ignore him. We still don’t have the answers.

Anyhoodle, onward-ho with stuff about Hunter:

Temperament: He’s a vivacious, extremely talkative, outgoing child…… at home. In a space where he’s familiar, he owns it. He has a hilarious sense of humour, is incredibly cheeky, and just makes us laugh with his silly antics and infectious laughter. Outside and with people he’s unfamiliar with, he’s reserved and quiet. This extends to playschool, where I’m sure he’s going to win the Most Bullied At School award. He hangs back, lets other kids step all over him (ie. snatch his stuff, shove him aside, etc), and is the quiet observer. This is the exact opposite of my own personality, so I find this endlessly frustrating to witness – I JUST WANT TO FIGHT HIS BATTLES! But I know I must not, because he will find his own way in this world, and all I can do is give him guidance.

Why so sad??


Eating: Oh man. Source of all stress. This has easily taken off a good couple of years off my lifespan. Best word to sum up his eating? ERRATIC. He picks at food like a little bird. Very very little passes his lips, and he is so thin compared to how gigantic he was as a baby. Sometimes I get so scared by how little he eats, yet he still survives. Mum and/or I cook him the best food, and often he’ll chuck it right back in our faces. He even went through a phase where he would only eat pureed food. He was the only toddler I knew that ate baby food!! To give him credit, he still eats steamed fish, tofu, egg, avocado, fruits (all his fave foods). And of course all those carbs, which every other kid loves too. Apart from that? Barely anything else. For this reason, we withhold candies/chocolates/fried foods almost entirely – because if he gets a bit of that, it’s all over. He’ll eat nothing else for that meal and scream blue murder the entire time. I don’t have a solution as to how to solve his eating habits. We just wait in hope that one day he’ll grow out of if – after all, surely he won’t be 18 and I’ll still be trying desperately to get him to eat a bit of food. Right??

Sleeping: Dream sleeper. Thank goodness. He sleeps by 8PM and goes for 12 hours without waking. Naps for around 2 hours after lunch. Will nap easily in any stroller when I’m out and about, or at home in his bed. I couldn’t ask for more. Yes I am totally gloating here, so sue me! His poor eating and temper tantrums make me want to shoot myself in the head, so I HAVE to feel good about something, right?? 😛

Speaking: Chatterbox. I would say his speech is more advanced than boys his age, but on par with girls his age. Guess it’s because he hangs out with mostly little girl friends 😉 I love hearing him form his own proper sentences and all those words spilling out of his mouth. He’s very good with music, and will sing accurately along to his fave songs. It’s amazing how quickly kids learn!

Interests: Vehicles, specifically trains. What else is new? It is his #1 passion at the expense of doing little else in terms of play or creative stuff. He actually likes inspecting his toys to see how they move, and is the most detailed-oriented kid I have EVER seen. He’ll study little objects that move with great fascination, and loves any game/toy that requires lots of dexterity (which he’s good at). I see him being an engineer (loves seeing how things work) or a scientist (fascinated with fiddling with things and has the quiet personality to work by himself in a lab) or a construction worker (super into construction stuff, haha!).

Toilet training: He’s a good little pooper (LOL). He’ll sit on his potty and do his poo. Nowhere near for pee though, but I guess it’s because we haven’t tried yet. I’ve noticed his diaper is often still dry after his nap for up to half hour afterwards, so I’m probably going to start taking him to potty a few mins after his nap. Only problem is that we’re out, I obviously don’t have the potty with me! Hmmm…

“Is it poop time?”


For his birthday today, we had a fabulous lunch at Tung Lok. We decided on a yumcha lunch cos it’s fun and Hunter likes to pick at his food. He ate pretty well, thankfully!

Very pleased with his present from my parents


Tossing the ‘yusheng’, first one for CNY! Carter is all “GET IN MAH BELLY” to the dish though.


A luscious cake from Awfully Chocolate


Singing Happy Birthday to himself


A (very rare) treat cos it’s his birthday. “Cake… ALL GONE!”


Our family 🙂


We then took him for a little treat to the Oceanarium in Sentosa. He loved it! There’s something just so mesmerizing about watching fish.. and this newly opened aquarium is impressive. Highly recommended if you have kids!


Taking the cable car to Sentosa


I don’t think any female has looked at Hunter and not commented on his lashes.. the subject of much envy. I wish mine were like his too. NO FAIR!


My fatty fat fat dumpling, who looks just like his Daddy when he smiles!


At the Oceanarium. Carter was too fascinated with the fishes to bother looking at the camera


Best part? The jellyfish. Except Hunter kept going “ahhm ahhm!” (eating noises) the whole time..


A bit freaked out with the Hands On exhibit.. because he’s not a fan of foreign materials on his hands


He did gamely reach out and touch a starfish in the end, though!




And so, just like that, we have a bonafide little boy on our hands. He means everything to me, and just hearing him utter the words “Mama.. cuddle” is enough to melt my heart. Motherhood sure ain’t easy (<– understatement), but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.


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Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Happy birthday, Hunter! You are a very fortunate boy with parents and grandparents who love you very much! A cutie always! 😉

Happy birthday Hunter! Your mom has the most engaging parenthood blog ever. I wish you all the coolest trains in the world!

Happy 2nd birthday Hunter! You’re a big boy now!

Bev – I love the way you’re so honest and open about your challenges and joys as a Mom. It helps me to embrace my own journey of motherhood too, knowing that other Moms like yourself are travelling a similar path! *hugs*