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I blogged about the new aden + anais bamboo swaddles and snap bibs a few weeks ago, but since then Carter has been using more of their stuff, so I thought I’d write about it, especially since they have all this delicious new stuff out..

I found out they just released their new easy swaddle earlier this month… to my absolute horror and annoyance!! We’d taken Carter off the swaddle two months ago (when he was 3 months old), and ughhhh if only they’d released this earlier – I’d have LOVED to use it for Carter! Bad timing 😉

But any way, part of their new range is the colour ‘azure’, which is the most beautiful colour in the world. It’s a soft pastel turquoise, and is unisex! I just about *fainted* when I saw it. Best of all, it’s all made with bamboo…. ultra ultra ultra soft!!

The new aden + anais bamboo security blankets come in a pack of 2, and are so soft that I’m bummed that it’s not normal for adults to carry one around, or I totally would 😉 Hunter likes to wrap his Monkey up in it (after endless days of watching me swaddle Carter when he was a baby), and I use it to wipe drool on Carter’s face.

(ps: all pics below were taken about a month ago, when Carter was a bit smaller 😛 )


Two cheeky monkeys

Carter is using the bamboo burpy bibs which I realise now is one of the best bibs for drooly babies. It’s a 360° bib that is such a good idea, because often regular bibs swing around and end up at his back instead of under his chin. Doh. So with this one, it covers his front, shoulders and back.. and is awesome when I’m breastfeeding him, as well as burping. It also can be used as a burp cloth over your shoulder, but I find it super easy to just leave it on Carter for feeding & breastfeeding. The only bummer is that it comes individually – wish they sold a pack of 3 at a discounted price or something, because I adore these! Carter has 2 and he could easily do with another 2, to keep them all in rotation.


aden + anais bamboo burpy bib


…otherwise known as a Superman cape!


Good to chew on too


And check out the aden + anais bamboo dream blanket. Ain’t it pretty? Not just that, it’s so lusciously soft it’s insane. And it gets even softer with age! This one is actually used by Hunter.. we use it to drape over him at night. I’m actually pretty certain no other blanket is as soft and fluffy and pretty as this one.


Naked baby skin + soft bamboo muslin = happiness


Mr Smiles


If you’re happy and you know it…. flap your arms


Modelling diaper on head: you’re doing it wrong.


Both boys use the aden + anais cozy sleeping bags at night. I particularly like them because they are a warm 4-layer cotton muslin, but still very light with an open weave. Carter has a lovely royal blue cozy sleeping bag, and Hunter has light blue cozy sleeping bag which he has used since he was a baby – not bad value for money considering it’s lasted 2 years, right?

I also got this bamboo crib sheet which is super divine and soft, but I’ve only one of them, so the kid that is nicest to me that week gets to use it, whilst the other gets relegated to the regular sheets – haha!

I get my aden + anais stuff from Mothercare stores here, and also directly from their website (for the stuff that isn’t currently stocked in Mothercare).


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi there, your baby is lovely! I was wondering, do they normally have Aden + Anais products in Mothercare? Which branch did you go? Im in loveee with their products.

Love your blog!
Did your Azure bamboo blankets pill? I was disappointed mine pilled after the first wash.

I know what you mean! The bamboo is soft but the downside is that it can pill. I’ve noticed that my white Azure ones (with the prints) don’t really pill, but the plain turquoise Azure ones do after awhile..

Love every pics of your sons! And Hunter has grown so lean now:) My son is also 4.2kg at birth, but has since slim down alot after he reached 1yo.

How do these compare in softness to the cotton muslin ones?

I’m stocking up for the arrival of the bub. I bought a pack of the cotton muslin ones, but these look extremely appealing! Do I need more than 4?

They actually feel totally different.. I personally don’t like the cotton muslin as much as it feels much rougher than the bamboo. Seriously, feel the bamboo ones…. it’s INSANE how buttery soft and thin they are!

Thanks! I thought the muslin ones were pretty soft, but I immediately went and bought a pack of the bamboo ones to try. LOVE the colour and designs of the new collection too!

They’re soft huh?! Once I touched the bamboo.. I couldn’t go back to the regular muslin 😛 Downside is that the bamboo is more fragile, but I guess that’s the tradeoff for the softness!

Hello! I wanna send you a tweet but realise you couldnt see my reply because my twitter is locked and you are not following my acct. heeee!

I am a big fan of aden+anais muslin swaddles so comfy! I wanna get the Easy Swaddle, bamboo dream blankets and the bamboo muslin swaddles for my girl Adel. Are they available in local mothercare store or I need to order from aden website?

The bamboo muslin swaddles are available in MOthercare now, but not this particular Azure colour. They also have a pastel pink version btw which would be soooooo nice for Adel too!!

Couple of months ago, but he just kinda lies there in bed so it doesn’t get thrown off. Maybe she just isn’t very cold and so doesn’t want it??