The children’s store Elly launched their new Chinese New Year collection, “Absolutely Elly, just a few days ago!

We were at the launch and hooboy it was quite the circus – kids all over the place, mums madly buying everything in sight, and dads looking bored outside 😉

But anyway, let’s start at the start!

Hunter and his girl friend Naomi did a little photoshoot together the other day, for Elly’s Chinese New year collection. It was in a lovely little location and quite a lot of fun! Hunter was busy dishing out his trademarked death-stare at the start.. but then warmed up after a couple of minutes and was racing up and down with Naomi, having lots of fun and giggles. I think the kids had fun playing around together, and for that I think the photoshoot was a success!

Some pieces from the “Absolutely Elly” collection, hanging pretty




Biscuits stolen? Not happy.


Happier with one biscuit each 😉


Having a cuppa


How adorable are these Pediped shoes? Love the colour and design!


Hunter’s eyes went WIDE when he saw the design of this top. I really like how saturated the colours are too.


“Hey! What’s that?”


Super gorgeous shot. Check out the little jade buttons on the dress!!


His ‘daydreaming’ look


“Haters gonna hate!”


At brunch after the photoshoot. Naomi the cougar trying to steal a kiss from Carter 😛


Aww I love this shot of the 3 kids!




And so this Chinese New Year collection launched at the Elly shop and we were there with bells on in the morning to check it out. It was like partytown in there 😉

Inside Elly


Adorable knick knacks and shoes


These necklaces… SQUEAL


Let’s play “Where’s Hunter?”


“Ooo he looks familiar”


“Hey good lookin'”


We came away with a couple of shirts for Chinese New Year.. and also a couple of other stuff I couldn’t resist 😛

“Red fish” print for Elliot, Hunter and Carter


I bought this for myself, teehee! It’s a girls sz8 but is actually quite gigantic so I can fit into it..


Ultra thin and soft pirate shorts for Hunter and Carter. How could I resist??


Pirate shirts for the boys. TOO CUTE!!


Elly’s Chinese New Year collection is out this week for a limited time. If you like whimsical, cute clothes, you’re gonna love it. The fabrics designed exclusively by Elly, for Elly. They’re unique!

Best to get there pronto as there were a ton of pre-orders and the shop was swamped with people snapping up the clothes… and I hear they made only a few pieces per print.

Here’s a little close-up sample of the new fabrics:

Chinese New Year fabrics from Elly (pic from their website)


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I can’t believe you can fit into a dress meant for 8-year-olds 😉 Outfits are adorable. Wanna see all of you in them!

Oi to be far, it’s really oversized.. works as a loose tunic on women. It’ll fit you too I reckon!

I’m in the process of trying to state my case for Elly to come out with adult mens and womens clothes too 😛

heeehee the 2 shorts for Carter and Hunter look about the same size. It never fail to make me laugh looking at the similar sizes of your boys 🙂

Love the prints! Waiting for baby J. to get a little bigger to buy the cute man shirts. Anyway just a question where to get mum2mums bibs?

Their new onesies are ADORABLE! Have you seen em? Up to 6 months though so I can’t squish Carter into one 🙁

Got the mum2mum bibs from Mothercare 🙂