Greece, HOLIDAYS GREECE: travelling with two young kids 2 July 2014

So let me talk about how our kids handled (flight + jetlag) the trip to Greece. Mostly for my own reference, because I want to be able to look back and see how each was – for example, it was really interesting for me to read back on when we were travelling with Hunter at Carter’s current age, and see how similar they were then!
Hunter, at 3 years and 5 months, was excited about the flight. And I mean, EXCITED. My vehicle lover was delighted to be sitting inside an air craft, and busied himself checking everything out. He was wayyyy more interested than during our last flight. Hilariously, before we got on the plane, I said,

“Hunter, you’ll be able to sleep on the plane once you have your lunch.”

To which he responded, “Don’t worry Mummy. I put my seat allll the way back, and I lie down and sleep.”

The kid had remembered that during our last long-haul flight (to Copenhagen), we’d flown Business class with flat-bed seats!!! Haha! I had to break it to him gently that Economy class is different, but he’d still survive just fine.

And he did.

The kid was a blimmin’ CHAMPION. If there was an award for Best Long Haul Flier, I’d slap it on his forehead. For both to/from flights, he was as angelic and perfect as a kid could be – Chris and I were in awe. Hunter simply chilled back, watched a movie, then popped a pillow on the arm rest and fell asleep. For hours. Then he’d wake up, eat his meal, then watch a movie or sleep again. Sat in his seat the entire time (except for toilet breaks), without fidgeting or being annoying. Zero fuss, zero whining, zero anything. IT WAS SO BIZZARE.

And I’d be totally gloating and smug-faced about the fact that we brought on board an Angel… except that we’d also brought on board….. the Devil.

Carter, at 1 years and 22 months, was a certified BASKETCASE. He is already an active kid, and it ramped to throttle-me-and-die levels onboard. He had ants in his pants!!! He couldn’t keep still! When he was awake, he’d only be placated with watching Turbo (on the iPad mini), a ton of snacks, or running up and down the aisles. Obviously we had no choice but to give in to all of that.

But then, when it came to nap time, he went off his rocker. He couldn’t figure out how to sleep! He only ever sleeps in the stroller or his bed, so he kept calling out “stroller” and couldn’t settle. Chris ended up having to carry him (kicking and screaming) on his shoulder for 20-30mins each time, before he’d simply crash from tiredness. At least he’d knock out afterwards.

Anyway, here we are. Chris and I swapped hot seats (ie. sandwiched between the two kids) every so often. Frankly, both actually slept a LOT during the 11 hour flight each way. But, we slept ZERO because we were too busy watching over them.

GreeceFlight01 GreeceFlight02


Post flight(s), both kids had near-nil jet lag, much to my surprise. There was zero jet lag in Greece, and the only evidence of jet lag back in Singapore is the kids sleeping for solid 13-hour stretches every night since we’ve been home. Massive!

Hunter was still a champion post-flight(s), and would just sleep on cue, with zero fuss… and wake up the next morning on cue.

Carter lost all sense of falling asleep by himself (which he normally is excellent in), and needed someone to sit in the room so he could sleep. And he often woke up a couple of times through the night screaming – I felt sorry for Hunter who was sleeping right next to him, and somehow managed to sleep/ignore it all!

In general, we emerged okay. Mostly thanks to the fact that Hunter needed no attention and provided no issues whatsoever. But then I read back in my blog that Hunter was awful at travelling back when he was Carter’s age – so there is hope for Carter yet!!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Ok you just put me off travelling with my trio!!! (Am pretty sure my Ryan will be the same as your Carter!)

He’s still a bit young, so if you travel REALLY SOON with him, he may not have reached that ~dreaded age~ yet 😛

Well done to Hunter. My LO is 19 months and she can’t keep still during dinner let alone a flight, so I’m dreading to go abroad on hols. Looking forward to reading your posts on Santorini. Coincidentally, I was checking out hotels there last week – it’s only a skip and a hop from London, but it just seems easier to drive over to France for a break instead. Hope you had a lovely trip.

Well, at least you know that after they turn 3 or so, it gets a WHOLE lot easier!
Aww man, Santorini would have been an awesome trip for you guys. But France is divine too.. we loved the South of France, we got a car and just drove around! And next month, it’s lavender season if I’m not wrong:)

The twins will still be pretty young then, nowhere near the Terrible Twos, so hopefully they will be fairly easy! Errr….. hopefully…

I can empathize, think they do get a bit easier when they’re older. Christian just doesn’t sleep by himself on board. Direct night flight to Hawaii was a nightmare, Oma had to rock him because he was wailing from being so exhausted. Then two weeks of jet lag hahaha! Looking forward to when he’d sleep by himself on board. Although he WAS an angel when he & I flew back to kl by ourselves 🙂

Yeah, our main issue is that our kids are SO used to their stroller or bed, they find it almost impossible to sleep anywhere else. Fortunately, once Hunter was <3yrs old, he became a lot more adaptable and could easily sleep on the plane and also in hotels etc. So I reckon it gets better 🙂

Brings back memories for me on our last trip to Singapore! My son was such an angel and he was nearly 3 years old. But my twin girls who were 22 months old were absolute nightmares! And this was a short flight! My hats off to you and your husband for doing such a long trip:) bet it was all worth it! Love your stories about your kids. They are absolutely adorable:)

Funny how kids change/mature once they reach a certain age huh? At least we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel…!!

Sounds amazing! Did u request a seat for carter? Or they gave? I am bringing my little boy for an European hol .. Fingers crossed he will be ok!

Carter is under 2, so he had the bassinet and not a proper seat. But we were lucky the flight back had lots of space, so we had a free seat next to us!

I find young toddlers drinking from straws the cutest, esp when they grip the cup with both chubby hands. Eeeee!!!!!!