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If you know Hunter in real life, you’ll know he is an absolute sucker for all things Thomas the Tank Engine. Full on, flat out OBSESSED. He’s completely over the moon for all things with wheels (ie. any vehicles), but Thomas really takes the cake.

I don’t even know how this came about. None of us (or his little friends) have Thomas toys, or are into it. We definitely did not encourage this, he just started it all off on his own accord. I guess boys will be boys!

To illustrate this love for Thomas, I have a small Thomas track at home with a couple of trains. He pushes this round and round and round and round. Endlessly. On top of that, he even forces you to play with him! “Get up! Play choo coo train! NOW.” 

And around and around I go until I’m dizzy…

So, it was with great excitement when I saw that Takashimaya mall was having a Thomas the Tank Engine show for Christmas! Obviously, we went 😉

With his little girl friend that went with him to see the Thomas show


So eager and so serious waiting for Thomas to come out


The problem with Takashimaya is that every freaking person goes to that mall. And not the most polite of folk either. There is much pushing and shoving (with nary an “excuse me” or “sorry”) and I really abhor the MAD RUSH parents partake in to shove their kids down the front.

Anyway, needless to say it was absolute chaos. The area for kids to sit in was laughingly TINY. Maybe fits 20 kids? It’s because the atrium is chock full of merchandise and stuff, so it’s really obvious they want maximum sales, sacrificing comfort or enjoyment for the kids.

The show was extremely loud.. to the point where I found it kind of grating. I don’t know why so many malls here have to *BLAST* out loud music, tacky much?

The stage was small and all it had was Thomas popping his head out with eyes moving around. It was really dull and didn’t have much of a plot. There was a bit of singing and dancing by the actors and that was it.

The Fat Controller and some other dude.. sorry, I don’t know my Thomas characters!


Small appearance by Thomas and that was it


The heaving crowds, the blasting music and the madness really overwhelmed Hunter. He wasn’t very impressed, to be honest. To be fair, his girl friend seemed to enjoy herself and rushed down the front excitedly. But, she is a lot more outgoing than Hunter is 🙂



The silly thing was that Hunter loved looking at the moving train track FAR more than the show itself 😛 He spent ages here and refused to leave!

Utter fascination and devotion


Hunter doesn’t know it yet.. but he will have a full Thomas train set and accessories for Christmas, all on a proper dedicated train table. Yes, it’s a bit indulgent but he really does adore Thomas.. and now that we have 2 boys, it’s easy justification 😉


Also watched the Chuggington show at City Square Mall. It was a little better than the Thomas show.. but not by much IMHO!


He stuffed Monkey into the little travel box, went “OK mama. Hunter go out. Byeeeee” Not so fast there mister!!


Like father, like son. By the way, this photo was totally candid and not posed at all!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Aahh Hunter is like me after my own heart – I too would be overwhelmed and unimpressed by the loud noises, crowds and what-not even in my grown-up age. 😉 My friend who is a mom, reckons that kids at that age are still developing their personalities, and who knows he might be more of an extrovert when he grows up?

Introverts are just as fun too! (when we’re left alone :P)