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I was gagging to bring Chris to Man Fu Yuan for brunch, after having gone with a girl friend a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with their yum cha there.I personally reckon the dim sum dishes are one of the finest and loveliest I’ve had. Though I admit, I don’t often (rarely) go for yum cha!

And so I thought it would be a pretty neat idea to go Chinese style for Fathers Day this year and take Chris there, as well as my parents. It would make for a nice little celebration, and wouldn’t have all those set meals that most other cafes have (I don’t like being forced to/obliged to order set meals, as I like to pick and choose to my liking from a la carte menus).

Inside Man Fu Yuan


A little introduction


I love this family shot of us πŸ™‚


Hunter took all these photos by himself. He kept saying “do silly pose!!” as he snapped away. And so we obliged.


The service there is really attentive, discreet and polite. You really feel like you’re being taken care of. Though, they should’ve taken the initiative to warn us when we ordered WAY too much. If we can barely finish the food, you know it’s way too much food for a regular human being!

Roasted pork belly – perfectly crisp and full of juiciness. Divine.


Calamari with salted egg yolk – it was a bit odd but it worked! Hunter chowed down on quite a few pieces, so I guess that’s a thumbs up.


Hunter going to town on the calamari and crispy noodle thingys


Yam cake – traditionally these are pan fried. But Man Fu Yuan’s take is to deep fry them, and they’re fantastic this way!!


Beef brisket in casserole – this was the only dud dish. That’s my personal opinion, since Chris quite liked this. I just really disliked it because it was full of tendon and tripe and all sorts of weird stuff… *shudder*…


Steamed prawn dumplings – they look really simple, but were done beautifully


Some sort of crispy beancurd skin wrapped around prawns – this was just average to me. Then again, I never like this sort of dish anywhere.


Steamed cod in rice wine – actually it looked like it was in a silky egg custard. Hunter and Carter loved it and polished it off!


Molten egg yolk custard buns – OMG OMG OMG. An absolute must-order. The molten cream is deliciously salty and sweet, and the whole bun is quickly deep fried. It’s AMAZING. A total must order, and worth coming here for this alone!!


Custard egg tarts – good but not amazing


Carter REFUSES to let us eat at the table unless he’s eating as well (otherwise, bring on the hysterics!). But now we know that if we give him a few grains of rice, he’ll be so amazed with how it sticks onto his fingers that it buys us a few minutes to scoff our food down πŸ˜‰

We had a lovely quiet lunch for Fathers Day and the kids were well behaved, so that was Chris’ Fathers Day gift πŸ˜‰ I’m glad I married someone so patient. He is the rock in our family, that always keeps his cool, which is so important for the kids to see in a father figure. They say you never really know a man until he becomes the father of your children – and I absolutely agree. When I saw him holding each of our children when they were born, and how he interacts and cares about them daily, I see a wonderful father that our children will be so proud of.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to you, my love!!

And sorry this post is so late. Was busy flying to Copenhagen and all πŸ˜›


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

happy fathers’ day chris! the food looks amazing!

we entertain baby blake with a noodle! it buys more time than rice but i reckon we have 2 months max until the drama kings figure out our tricks! and then we might have to actually give them adult food!! *gahhh*

have a blast on vacation! hugs to your babies!

Carter’s had adult food off our plates for a few months now… I’m generally not OK with babies under 1 yr old doing so, but we don’t have a choice as he goes MENTAL if he spots someone eating and he isn’t as well! He’s figured out his own baby food/snacks isn’t quite the same… doh..