Family, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Living in... Singapore IT’S LEGO TIME! 21 December 2012

We were eager to take Hunter to the big Lego exhibition at the ArtScience Museum (MBS), called The Art of the Brick. I’ll be honest – he’s actually not really that into Lego.. I can convince him to play with it, but for maybe 10 mins max before he heads straight back for his Thomas trains *facepalm*

But, I was hoping the exhibition would inspire him, and anyway at least Chris is quite a fan of Lego!

It showcases the work of just one artist, Nathan Sawaya. The exhibition consists of 52 big Lego sculptures, and some of them were really impressive. All I can say is, this guy sure has a lot of time on his hands 😉 As well as oodles of patience!!

The famous sculpture


I liked this one 😛


They put an empty chair to sit in next to this sculpture, cos no one can resist posing next to it 😉


This was my favourite one. Entirely made of Lego!


Hunter’s profile


My (and Carter’s) profile. I love the shadow of his 5 lil fingers!


Hunter’s favourite part was the section where you could take a photo of yourself, and transform it into Lego-format. It was freakin’ cute!! It’s basically like a pixelated version of yourself, but still a fun thing to play with and really perked up all the kids at the exhibition.

Hamming it up for the camera




I love this one 🙂


Gigantic t-rex made out of Lego


At the end of the exhibition, we (OK, Hunter) was delighted to find a whole kids play area. It was pretty cute! Lots of fun little activities for the kids, with lots of staff there to help them out and oversee. It was a great touch and a fab way to let the kids interact and play with the Lego after having seen the exhibition.

Had to drag Hunter away from this. He loved it!


“Ehhhh? Lego stamps!!!”


Making his work of art 😉


There was a giant bucket of lego blocks for kids to play with and go nuts building stuff. 


Hunter was really only interested in the Lego wheels – both inspecting them with great interest, and building a car


The Art of the Brick Lego exhibition makes for a nice family activity. It’s (surprisingly) not too crowded on the weekends and pretty fun for kids and big kids to check out. Just a quick note – no bathrooms there, so make sure you’re prepared! We had to deal with a GIANT poo-explosion from Carter mid way…. *gulp*…


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