Events, FASHION, Hermes I’M IN COSMOPOLITAN! 26 October 2011

"Unsuitable for the young"... LOL


Remember that La Mer event the other week that Papewu and Babyflite and I attended? I was flipping through Cosmoplitan magazine (Nov 2011 issue) and spotted us… muahaha!

So there’s us on the left, being all fascinated with La Mer’s cleanser (which I am, mystifying, holding sideways).

There’s us on the top-right, looking oh so serious as we’re watching the facial being performed on one of the Cosmopolitan editors.

And there’s me on the bottom-right cheesily holding up a pot of my fave product, the La Mer gel-cream, which I’m still lusting over but haven’t purchased yet.

Can you spot all the pics? 😛

Beauty addicts


Anyway, beauty-unrelated but on a fashion note, check out this cute way to wear an Hermes scarf. I’m wearing the scarf that Chris bought for me on my birthday 2 years ago but obviously this will work with any large silk scarf.

I just fold it up so it’s a long strip, then knot it right onto the shoulders of my top, with a knot in the middle. The scarf ends drape behind my shoulders and I like the look because it does colour-up my black top, not to mention this scarf in particular matches my Zhai bamboo skirt 😛  Best bit? It’s fab to wear this in warm climates or during summer, because the scarf doesn’t sit around your neck and heat you up.

Also, here’s an old post about other ways that I’ve worn my Hermes scarves..

Hermes scarf knotted to my top


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hey Beverly,

I saw Hunter and your dad at jelita cold storage the other day and wanted to say hi to you but I didn’t spot you. Strange thing was I recognised your dad first then when I saw Hunter, everything made sense. Haha. . I didn’t want to freak out your dad by introducing myself as a blog reader.

Anyway I wanted to ask you about your baby carrier. I am currently using a baby bjorn which is really good and light but only accomodates up to 11kgs. Are you using an ergo baby carrier and is it comfortable for our humid weather?

Oh HEH what a small world! My dad was babysitting and I actually met them there, so must’ve just missed you 😉

I do use the Ergo and I find it fantastic. No complaints about it being too hot and it’s the most comfortable one IMHO for me 🙂

I’m wearing my Hermes scarves a lot less since it’s so warm in Singapore. So this is a great way to still keep wearing them!