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I saw this sign in a vintage store the other day, and LOL’d. How fabulous is it? 😉 I thought it was pretty apt to kick off this post today, since it’s all about…. shopping.

I was expecting to attend the Juicy Couture event at Marina Bay Sands.. since they were launching their new season. Turns out, it was actually not that exciting. But we didn’t care, because what we also realised was… it was a whole Fashion Event at the mall!

In fact, almost all the boutiques there were having mini parties in their shops, serving flutes of champagne, nibblies, etc etc. The vibe was bustling and happy, which was a lot more fun than a regular shopping trip 😛

Marina Bay Sands in the sunset


Having a quick dinner before the event


At the Juicy Couture event. Apart from a cute (pink!) chocolate fondue, it wasn't actually exclusive or very interesting..


We did, however, get to check out the newly-launched Louis Vuitton building. I give em my Most Lavish award. It was all about open spaces and shiny bags all on display. The building also sits on the water, and has all-round paneled glass walls. Pretty cool, and very pretty against the water show at night.

At Louis Vuitton


The boutique that I give my Best Service award to was Tiffany & Co. Check out their spread below. GORGEOUS, much?! They had beautiful little truffle chocolates shaped like Tiffany boxes, m&ms in Tiffany colours, yummy cookies on lollipops, tarts, etc etc. And they generously and eagerly served champagne, soft drinks, mineral water, etc. What wonderful customer service!

The gorgeous Tiffany & Co boutique


And my Weirdest Experience award goes to… La Perla. Cripes. So, they had these 2 gorgeous models in their storefront, wearing sexy lingerie and posing away. They had amazing figures and beautiful faces to boot. But that’s not the weird part. The weird part was the crowd clustered in front of the window. They were almost all (China?) tourist men.. just STARING and leering so obviously at these young girls, and blatently holding up cameras and videocams to photograph them. Eeeek!

OK, so I admit I took a photo of them too, but I snuck a quick one in 😛 In fact, when we were watching the whole weird situation, they looked at us and gave us pained expressions. I felt so sorry for them because I would not like to be a gorgeous young lady parading in skimpy lingerie, and having these weird men taking photos of me! Plus, there was NOBODY in the boutique buying stuff either.. just tourists outside. Gak. AWKWARD!

The weirdness at La Perla


In the middle area, they had a champagne counter with a photobooth there, so we snapped a few pics. They weren’t very good at warning us when they were snapping the pics though, and thus 2 out of the 4 photos has us looking like nutters making strange faces 😉

Sadly, we aren't that sort that look hot in candid photos 😉


Little goodies from Sephora, Kerastase, and samples from Chanel


Just gotta say that the Sugar lip balm in 'honey' is fab!


We had the brilliant idea to buy 2 Chanel eyeshadows and cut them in half, so each pot had 2 colours. Why don't Chanel sell them like this?!


Chanel lambskin small classic flap. LUST.


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi B,
Your outfit is sooooo cute! What is it?
Maybe you could write to Chanel & suggest they sell duo eye shadows?
Glad you’re having lots of fun, shopping!
BTW: Isn’t it your B’day soon? Address please. 😉

you look great for someone who gave birth to a huge baby 8mths ago…

nice photos of those high end product store. i guess it’s all about minimalism, giving away free chocolates, brand exposure publicity and great packaging and throw in a few pretty mannequin looking semi – looking models but other than that, a bag is just a bag as long as it makes you good with your nice out fit.

I really was impressed with the stores that made the effort, because some stores had zero going on and it just seemed they couldnt be bothered. Most did participate though, so was a fun night!

I love the look of the Louis Vuitton store. It looks like something off the set of a futuristic movie.

The fashion disaster that I am did not realize that the Chanel eyeshadows did not come like that. I think you did a fab job with them!

I WISH they did, cos it’s so much better.. as if we’d ever use a whole tub 😛 It was my gf that did the re-potting though, not me!