I’m a bit of a sucker for yummy-smelling leather bags.

Normally, I like ’em slouchy and squashy. But this one from Hiroshima caught my eye because of its unusual design. It’s like a little box! It’s a small square pouch that has 2 interior zippered compartments (and loads of pockets inside) in a rich red colour and in lovely smelling leather.

The bag ‘sits’ well when I wear it cross-body and I also got an extra hole punched in the strap so it can be worn even shorter as a shoulder bag. It’s a very lightweight bag, and I surprisingly could fit all the stuff I needed in here.

It’s not a high fashion bag, but it’s a lovely simple bag that’s fab for casual wear, and very useful for me to sling across my body when I’m trying to handle Hunter and shop at the same time 😛




Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

love your bag collection! where did you get this from? do they have it in other colours?

It’s from Hiroshima – their website is linked from my post, and the store I went to is at Suntec City (basement). Not sure if they have other colours, but they have a LOT of bags in their shop!

Hee you have sharp eyes! I like it cos it’s a nice bag, superbly made (the interior lining/pockets are all made of soft leather!) and reasonably priced 🙂 Their store has a ton of bags to check out!